What do you see Paddi?

  • Paddi,

    Sometimes being busy is just what we need to deflect our continuing thoughts of the future and/or past and find our center/passion in the process. I hope this is true for you.

    With the passing of father's day, I'm reminded of my grief when he passed over 8 years ago. It was sudden and unexpected and he was such a huge part of my life from birth until that moment. I really did not know how to move on or go forward but I had obligations to attend to and problems that came up and needed to be dealt with. I buried myself in the meniable labor to fix up his house as I lost the insurance on it with his passing and no one would insure it unless some work was done. It seemed like one more thing thrown at me that I did not need and yet afterwards found it to be exactly what I needed. To be so busy that I did not have time to think; to be in his home working towards a goal with no time to reflect on his not being there or what was missing.

    By the time I got enough in order and a new insurance policy in place, I was ready to move on and had come to terms with his absence.

    Sorry about the mudlum musings but needed to get it out I guess.

    Blessings, Love and Light

  • Beth he knows how much you love him and I'm sure he is still there for you, you know better than I do! Peace, Love and Light!

  • Ibelieve, did you ever think that maybe he was keeping you busy doing all those things so you wouldn't wallow in sorrow. He loved you and you him and you want the best for one another. Perhaps as much as a burden as it was to do all those menial tasks at the time it kept your mind occupied and thus served a purpose in your own healing. Hang in there girl, I know better than anyone fathers keep an eye on their children whether we want them to or not and that goes especially for the one we have in common. I'm sure your father felt your love on Fathers day as he always did just don't forget love never dies, his love is with you always.

  • Hello there dear people, sorry I have not been around, I have been recharging and doing a lot of work, that is the way with freelancing, it is either feast or famine and at the moment it is feast.

    Beth IBelieve Beth, I meant to ask you before, how come you refer to your son as "the boy"? Someone else I know doe sit. I find it so impersonal. Would be interested to know as it caught my eye and made me wonder.

    I hope you are all well otherwise and getting by alright, my spiritual side has been let slip a bit though I have been chatting away to my angels and doing reiki on myself. I just felt the need for a break.

    Hugs to all


  • Paddi,

    Take the feast while it is there! We'll be here when you have time again.

    As for the boy, lol...He and his father have the same name! I'm not a bit confused by whom I am talking to or about but everyone else has to stop me and ask, "which one?" He doesn't want to be called junior and his dad does not want to be call senior and to say "my son" might seem inconsiderate of my step daughter or step son (who are both adults) so I got used to saying "the boy."

    But I do take your meaning and I will have to ask him if it bothers him. Thanks cause although it may not be a problem, it also may be and he might not actually mention it.



    I forgot to metion to you that yes, after the fact I did indeed think it was the exact purpose and the thing I needed the most. I lived in the house next door and it would have been very painful to have not gotten used to it being empty. My brother can still not bring himself to go over there, as it is too painful for him. You are exactly right and I do feel him near me at times. His birthday is the week before fathers day so it is always a difficult time.

    Thank you for your kind thoughts.


  • 🙂

  • Hi there dear friends, I am back and hanging around the forums here and there, hope you are all well. I had a great time in Ireland, back nearly a week already, where does the time go, me and hubby are on the point of splitting, I have some hard decisions to make .

    Love to you all,


  • Sorry to here that paddi, especially after my email to you, i felt you were getting back on track..

    I was Just stoping in to thank you again for all of your help and energies.

    Namaste sheelagh

    peace,love and light


  • This post is deleted!

  • SO did I Sheila until he started talking to the social worker about how he has given up discussing things with me because I always feel guilty. I ask myself what kind of lie I have been living, I asked him too and he said he was not living a lie he had merely adapted.

  • Hi Sheelagh ,

    I hope that you are feeling ok today ,the strain you are under is like the 10 of swords in the tarot you are headed for burn out , you are carrying all the load , dont feel guilty you are only one person doing all that you can ,. How long have you been married for ? Our 10th year was the worst i honestly didnt think we were gonna make it . I have been thinking about Basia and the song yeah making love out of nothing at all defentley sums up what our relationship was like at the time . MY heart is with you my friend .

    Lots of love and hugs Mags xx

  • Just saying hello been thinking about you and Mags!

  • Hi Poetic,

    How are you long time no see i hope all is well with you and your family .

  • Everything thing is wonderful and getting better, gotta keep my head on right thats all! Huge Energies this weekend.

    The prophecies of indigenous people everywhere point to these times as a period of intense purification, the transition from the current cycle to whatever comes next.

    And guess what? No Native elder, no spiritual guru, no prophet or or pyschic or anyone else can tell you what the next world age will be like. We’re here to create it together.

    A momentous opportunity is coming along this weekend to mold the life and the world you do want.

    It begins with the new moon on July 30. On July 31, the Fifth Day of the ninth and final underworld of the Mayan calendar begins, coinciding with the Lammas/Imbolc cross-quarter gateway.

    The mid-point between the June Solstice and September Equinox, Lammas (or Lughnasadh) continues through the Sun’s crossing of 15 Leo on August 7. The Fifth Day completes on August 17.

    The most potent time for getting clear and setting intent is July 30-31. There’s both an opportunity and a responsibility in this.

    The impact of thoughts, actions and choices go quantum when cycles line up. That means we can each contribute to planetary transformation more than ever before. On the flip side, if we don’t bother to make the most of this rare shift point, we’ll be giving our power away.

    What will you choose?


    If you’re going the empowered route, take time every day to imagine the world and the life you want. What does it look like? How does it taste, smell and feel? Notice who’s there with you, and who’s not. How do you spend your time? What are the qualities of this new life and new world?

    According to Carl Johan Calleman’s interpretation, the evolution of consciousness accelerates throughout the completion of the nine underworlds of the Mayan calendar this year. Within this, the July 30-31 gateway is particularly potent. This is all designed to shift consciousness in ways that will result in the creation of a new world.

    Evolution is not a spectator sport. We need to contribute.

    With creative-destructive energies at an all-time high, we have a supreme opportunity to restore balance. Or, things could go another way altogether.

    Monitor your thoughts every moment. Whatever you’re thinking about is what you’re creating. Is there a new project you’ve been considering, something you’ve been feeling called to do? Now’s the time to get started.

    The convergence of these power points on the solar/galactic wheel is a supreme gift. It arrives not a moment too soon.

    Throughout August, transiting Mars will complete an explosive Grand Cardinal Cross in squares and opposition to Pluto, Uranus and Saturn.

    This is pesky energy – combative, intense, destructive and highly creative. We’re playing with fire.

    Expect more political and economic upheaval, personal shifts and Earth changes. Within a year of ramped-up evolution, August is a focal point. Whatever needed to change that didn’t during the eclipses from June 1 to July 1 will likely shift now, in a big way.

    The air is charged with danger and uncertainty. What will happen hasn’t been decided yet. With commitment and the courage to try something different, we’ll find our way.

    What’s the best path for you in these chaotic times? Try unplugging from all the external distractions, getting quiet and tuning in at least once a day for direction, guidance and inspiration.

    Take that next big step.

    Beautiful Flower!

  • Hi Poetic how are you, wow this weekend we can make a big step to the next level or sit and watch it pass. I will be making the step. I have had so many people tell me that moving to germany after my husband would be so foolish, just for a year, this evening I met someone I had not seen for ages and I was telling her he was there and she was just so different to everyone else. She asked me what I was doing here being miserable when he was there, why I was so worried about the kids, tehy adapt so quickly, she said life is too short to worry. She is so right. Life is tooshort. I might never get the chance again. Why am I seeing everything so seriously?

    Lovely words, I for one will be listening to my inner voice these next nights.


  • PS yes MAgs, 10 years, I keep forgetting to say that to you!

  • Well do whatever feels right/good to you and listen to your Inner wisdom it's never wrong, I'm gonna change a lot of things too, set the Intentions anyway, I'm so READY! I know something big is coming, keep in touch and Germany is a lovely country and a change. Just keep emergency money stashed away. One of my co-workers got a free trip to St. Tropez in France, how nice is that, wish it was me. We have to stop waiting for life to happen and take chances, myself included!

  • We can't let fear run our lives.

  • No we can't but we do unfortunately. Emergency money being changed to shares in case the entire world economy decides to crash.


  • I know I was thinking last night, I wish I could buy some gold and stash it away, God won't let us suffer, sometimes the only way change comes where there is more balance between the rich and the poor, is when something huge happens and it changes forever, so anything is possible, they have been saying for the longest to grow some veggies and fruits, etc. We were Created to overcome obstacles, so don't worry. Faith.

    Well that sounds exciting to be starting a new life if thats what you decide.

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