What do you see Paddi?

  • Paddi - This will allow you to open up and share what comes to you without overwhelming others. Always open to new insights from others.

  • You wrote: I spoke an earnest word with the two elderly folk on the verandah. So the lady opened up her arms and let me see on her knee that she was doing something like knitting but with strange needles well knitting needles but very thin ones, and very fine thread, a bit like lace even, or even crocheting. I wonder if that is what you were telling me about. A cat wandered through the picture but he looked more like a suburban cat than a ranch cat, very well looked after of course but not rough and tumble. Kind of very out of place. The elderly man insisted on showing me his braces, especially the back, lol or his chequered shirt, not sure which was more important, and he had like wellies on. I saw a banjo or a guitar on the wall and also something hanging there that looked like animal skin, I would tip raccoon but it could have been rabbit if he was shooting them, a bit like those hats with the raccoon tail hanging off the back of them. The lady had a shawl on. They were very cooperative but I do not know if this is of any use to you or not, maybe there is something I can see but don't feel is important.

  • Now then the really thin thread and thin needles are what would be used for what I call tatting. My grandmother (grandpa's 3rd wife) used to send me things she made, trim on a handkerchief, book marks, I have one that is a multi colored thread tatted cross. It does look very much like lace when it's finished. It's very delicate and it amazes me that anyone of that age would have the dexterity to do such delicate work but she always did. Dementia set in at the end.

    Can't say as I can place the cat at all but they loved animals.

    The animal skins, coon skin hat, and wellies (I had to look that one up) do make sense for grandpa. I do have a picture of grandpa and he is wearing a checkered shirt. He did suffer back problems but I was unaware he had any kind of braces. I do know he kept an unusual bunch of pets during the winter and wondered if you'd pick up anything on that?

    Also every Christmas grandma sent us a gift, it was always the same thing,any thoughts on what it was?

    I have to ask my brothers about the instruments.

  • Hi guys,

    Im sorry Sheelagh my sister cant think of who it might be either im not sure now myself if it is my friends dad as you say the two are linked together ,i hope that you arnt feeling to drained with all this, i am so very excited for you to be opening up to spirit as its something ive always wished that i could do . You and RC are so blessed

    I hope all is well RC its very interesting reading about your ancesters i love hearing stories from the past great idea to start new thread .

  • Oh that is a pity about the boy, you know I will ask my friend here if she can place him because I might have got a cross over. Will let you know.

  • Or for the unknown reader I am pretty sure we have

  • Sheelagh,

    To let you know if he is defentley for me i will ask him to show you something else that only i will know then we will be able to tell for sure .if this is ok with you of course

  • oh yes please do I still have them in my head and I am asking them too for more, but I still get entertainer, boy with no name, flares, the colour of the suit is really standing out, the big smile too, I would love to place them somewhere. I just re-opened myself for spirits adn there they were.

    But I have a bit of a dilemna. My friend has asked me to make contact with her dead sister becasue ehr otehr sister seems to be really suffering and she thinks she misses her sister. I mean really sick suffering, physically. So I have this chatty Irish spirit and this is where I think the brain tumour comes in, because she has said the reason for the sickness is not becasue of her but becasue of this. And I cannot say that to my friend because she has just lost her mother. So the spirit tells me to ask if she gets frequent headaches and if so to go to a specialist without any delay because if she gets it sorted now she will be fine. So I am waiting for a reply from the sister about the headaches. I am really dreading it. My friend is coming round this evening for some hugs and Ben and Jerry's icecream and hopefully to contact the spirit. I will let you know what happens.

    But first kiddies lunch and baby to bad and then we will see if I get a pick up on the spirits I see round you guys.

    And expert advice gratefully accepted.

  • Oh Sheelagh ,

    I know that will be hard for you my thoughts are with you

  • I forgot to mention, the little boy showed me a lily flower, a white one, I looked it up and this is the flower

  • dear paddi ,

    I asked him to show you a purple rose but anyflower is close enough so would you say this is a defenet for me ?

  • I don't know because he showed it to me last night already, not sure what time zone you are in but that was about 14 hours ago. Can you ask for something else? Just to try? It could also have been an iris, white and yellow.

  • Can anyone attach any significance to squirrels, red ones and the ones that jump from tree to tree?

  • and hedgehogs? A real nature park this looks like, all hibernating animals.

    RC lol sorry about the welllies thing!! British English.

  • Maybe Mishelley or RC has a take on the boy and the man? I have just seen books, childrens books, I wonder are they figures out of a children's book? Can that happen? Anyone not clued up must think I am nuts.

  • i am so glad i can post all this(for me) rubbish here, away from disturbing other people.

  • I forgot to mention as well that the young boy was on a donkey or beside a donkey at one point.

  • RC I went back to your grandparents, if indeed that is who they are, and asked about the animals, and was shown rodents of some sort in a cage, not sure if rats, mice, ferrets, beavers, otters or mongoose but some sort of rodent. I was also shown some sort of lizard, snake kind of thing. I was then taken outside to the barn and saw a donkey on the way, a goat and some eggs in a nest in the hay, not sure what kind of eggs, there was a bird there but I don't think those eggs belonged to it, they were quite big. Did they have chickens, ducks, goose? Oh and a goat. I was then invited in for a cup of tea or some sort of beverage and sat at a wooden table with a chintz tablecloth (chequered) and had home made cookies with the tea. I see him gving you, me someone meat, like a big leg of ham or smoked meat. Could be wild animal.

    OK back to normal life, interested in your reply. Lovely non-assuming people, very gentle. The lady did not get up at any point, not to make the tea, she was not able to. She was at times very clear, at times far away. I kind of had the feeling I was there for the last time, thoguh I asked if I could stay around in case there were more questions.

  • Dear Sheelagh,

    I just want you to know that you were not disturbing me at all on the other thread, i have asked him to show you something else so lets see what happens i wish i could help you more .

  • oh sorry im in timezone EST australia

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