Orange Orbs Anyone??

  • Ooops, meant to add....You could never be an old shipwreck!!....your great!! 🙂

  • Hi Dalia.. (love your name by the way)

    I think I know the type of orbs you mention, are they the ones that can be so easily picked up on photographs?, the ones which seem to have definite pattern in them?...I find them fascinating, and what you say about them being around water really interested me!....I seem to be thinking and focusing on water a lot just lately, this beautiful life giving substance is beginning to be a big part of my life, ( I know we can't live without but, I think you know what I mean, I so WANT to be able to live near water, either flowing lakes and mountains or the bliss!....but I would be really interested on hearing more about the orbs you mention!...

    love and blessings to you Dalia

  • Hi, I have had encounters around water. Don't know the significance, meaning or function of water. Maybe water helps to purify the area. I have heard a lot of people mention orbs. A lot of people have experienced orbs as an angelic presence . Visionaries who have had apparitions say that they appear right before an apparition. I had an experience with what I would call a light-being back in April. Someone else may consider it an orb. But I'll group it under that category. I don't consider it a UFO, however. I have never experienced a UFO.

    What happened didn't last that long, only a couple of seconds. I was walking out of the bathroom into a dark room to get to my bedroom (at night.) An orb of light came shooting towards me. It was about knee high. It wasn't round in appearance. Actually, I thought my dog was inside and I bent down to pet it and was talking to it until I realized it wasn't my dog and was gone. Then I thought maybe it's how the light shifts from room to room at night so I tried to re-create it. I didn't change the lighting and just went back and did the same thing. It wasn't the lighting. Anyway, a light doesn't usually come streaming at you from the front in a dark room.

    When something like this happens, you have to kind of consider what's going on in your life and what the significance of the presence may be. I have never been spooked by anything I have experienced. Usually, the things I experience are reinforcements for me. Sometimes they are given to provide strength. I continue to get reinforcements or reminders. Sometimes they come at a time when we won't be shocked by it. Sometimes they occur in dreams. All I can offer is what I experience. I have been aware of the spiritual, angelic realm since I was a child.

  • PS--I live on a large lake. It's relaxing for me besides being beautiful. You don't have to live by a lake to realize that water has a spiritual property to it.

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