Orange Orbs Anyone??

  • Hi All.

    Just wondering how many of you out there have been seeing what i've been seeing lately.

    Over the past few months i've seen single fast moving flame orange coloured Orbs in the sky so far three in all but on different occasions between the hours of 9-and 12 midnight these lights are NOT chinese lanterns they are too high up, each has moved at a steady straight forward pace, they are noiseless and have stood still after reaching a certain point for at least a minute before rising in an upward movement and just vanishing.

  • Your post stopped me cold! While I have not experienced what you have described, my best friend in Colorado was recently up in Breckenridge and was hiking near a waterfall when she sensed a very strong, negative presence. She quickly left the area. She is an amazing photographer and upon leaving the area, she turned around and shot a couple photos. In them are several bright orange orbs. We are used to seeing orbs in our photos, but have never seen orange ones and are curious what they are also.

  • Hi Jenlyn.

    Thanks for your post.

    There is certainly something odd about these "orbs" for sure. I know they are not quite the same thing as the ones you have described but i've had plenty of experiences those kind too though they are normaly blue or white when i have seen them , on a few occasions i have also seen black.

    I came across a site earlier where these firey orbs have been reported across other parts of England in the past few months so its not just me seeing them!

    It seems strange to link the negative vibes with the colour orange though maybe that doesnt matter, do you know if your friend knows the history of the place she was photographing? This may sound a bit weird but as i read your words i got the distinct feeling that the waterfall was used as a natural shrine at some point. Have you visited this place yourself or do you plan to?

  • Oh wow!!.... I haven't seen one, but my Son who lives quite close by to me (UK) has seen them, one in particular a few weeks ago was a very large and intense orange orb, he was very exited about that one, it turns out lots of others saw it too as it was published in our local town newspaper....

    I have to say I'm quite exited about all these sightings too, I feel that quite soon all will be revealed to us on what they are, I will follow this post for sure, hope others will join in on what they have seen....

  • Shadowplay, I am not sure what the history of the waterfall is. I do know she had been there before with her mother, who passed away a couple years ago. She wanted to go back there to just kind of reflect on that time, so perhaps that is the "shrine" vibe you were getting? I have not been there, but told her that when she goes back next year I'd like to try to come out and go with her and see what we pick up there. Might be interesting to do some research on it though and see what we find out!

  • Excellent Jenlyn! Let me know what you find out about the place or if anything else is seen there i'm hooked on Orange Orbs now! lol.

  • Hi HealingWays.

    This certainly seems to be a sighting that's increasing I'm in the west-Mids and have so far come across at least 30 reports of this orange firey ball in my county alone in the past month.

    I totally agree that something is revealing itself through these orbs the whole 2012 thing springs to mind, the end of an age. But there is a link with communication too on a higher level which i cant explain but i feel very deeply.

    You know this may sound odd to say but these things remind me of the whole Foo-Fighter stories of WW2.

    I also hope others will join in on this too as i really believe this is happening world wide do keep in touch and let me know if your son see's anything more of these lights.

  • Hi shadowplay, I have to say I totally agree with you on the relevance of the 2012 being the end of an age, not the end of the World as some are portraying it, but a new vibration that has to come into being.... we are so being led to live in this planet Earth from love and to love and care for our Mother Earth!! me, there is nothing else!....and I am so exited about the communication from a higher level....and at the risk of sounding bonkers I also feel there is something going on in the media to make us fearful of the "communication" that we will very soon receive! ....there are SO many fear mongers and programmes and films being made to instil the fear in us to make us think we are dealing with "the enemy"....but, like I say at the risk of sounding bonkers we will have to be very strong and KNOW we will be in contact with loving peaceful energies who love and want to preserve our beautiful planet Earth and the "loving" energise upon it.....

    I will certainly keep in touch and let you know shadowplay if my Son see's anything else......

    I would love to see these things myself, but, I don't think I'm ready and evolved enough for it yet šŸ™‚

    The Foo Fighters of WW2 sounds very interesting, I will look into this.....

  • Meant to say shadowplay, my Son and I are not that far away from you, we live in Nottinghamshire

  • This is interesting, really orbs wow i have not seen any then i have not looked up at the sky very often lately, perhaps i shall start observing it myself šŸ™‚

    healingways nottinghamshire, really? you in england then :O) i like in hampshire, in UK

    thats cool if thats Uk cause i have herd of that name somewhere.

    Blessings Bee X

  • Hi HealingWays

    There is for sure some kind of scare mongering going on, i do believe too that we are headed for times that will be a kind of light at the end of the tunnel as i believe that things will become a lot darker first, we are heading for a spiritual evolution.

    I dont think you are giving yourself the credit you deserve, your mind and heart are open i believe you are past the point of ready!

    You are already being sent messages just let go of trying so hard to see or feel and it will become clear to you.

    By the way nothing you have said sounds bonkers to me!

    so keep up the positive vibes and send out love to the universe as we know love heals and this is what our mother earth needs right now.

    Blessings to you and yours.

  • @HealingWays

    OOps forgot to reply to your last comment too i'm in Coventry so you really arent too far away! lol

  • Hi shadowplay,

    Lovely part of the UK your in, I've only been there once many years ago but I loved it!!....

    I spent a couple of hours with my Son yesterday and he told me that there is a big conference going to take place on the 13th Oct, he feels something big is going to come out of that, he has heard that all the orbs everyone has been seeing are something that are defusing Nuclear arms?....he says he has heard also that some part of the military are now speaking up that this to be true?....I ask him, "does that mean they could be man made orbs then, or they are from another realm? he said he wasn't sure, but says all will definitely be revealed in the near future?I don't know what to make of it all, but I sure am exited about all this....

    Oh, I just noticed your avatar, your an Aries like my Son, he was born 14th April 78 šŸ™‚

    Hope you had a great weekend my friend!!

    will chat again soon!


  • Hi Bee, yes it is all exciting stuff eh!! I love it when my Son tells me of this sort of thing he is well into it šŸ™‚ plus studying and studying all about living self sufficient!....thats his dream, to be able to learn how to do this and then teach others, he's well into learning how they build "earth ships"....I know this made me prick my ears when he said that, but what they are is buildings that are made of "earth friendly materials etc"....

    Yes, I think you may have heard of Nottinghamshire, I live about 8 mile from Nottingham, where the Goose Fair is held every year..Robin Hood country....good ol' Robin and his merry men....but I like to think I'm maid Marion type person.....LOL

    lots of love my young friend


  • Coool Healingway's robin hood, thats were i was thinking it might be hehehhe, i am actually hoping to see a pantomine of robin hood for my BD this year, well i am hoping too. In london or somewhere close to home, so dont have to travel too far. plus i dont feel like doing anything outside its too cold for november.

    I do find it interesting also, but a little worrying too as of what is going to happen? and all that. good/bad stuff we just dont know, it feels like that know anyway inbetween the too.

    Hope you had a good weekend Dee.

    Blessings bee X

  • Hi Healingways. Hope you had a good wk-end

    Thats really mad stuff were talking here!

    I meant to mention to you that i read in the local free paper at work a couple of weeks back about Some female Dr of Astro-physics (dont remember her name) who has been nominated as a speaker on behalf of the planet should we be visited by "Aliens" if you are able to check out the pages of the Metro online have a look at the archives for this story.

    Seems to me we're being prepared for something.

    Wow me and your son are a birthday apart i'm the 15th yep the day the Titanic went down lol! born in 71 though!

    Catch you soon hun! Blessings.


  • Hi Lisa,

    I truly believe we will get those "visits".... exciting stuff indeed :)....I will certainly take a look at those archives thanks, my Son, Daniel is his name ( I get fed up of keep saying my sent me a link for a video with a chap talking at a Disclosure Conference talking on UFO's, it's quite a recent video too, 27th Sept, the video is about an hour long and I haven't had chance to watch it yet but I will, I will post the link for it....

    Day the Titanic went down eh!..... and look who pops up in it's place! the lovely energy of you!!....very wonderful replacement I would say :)....even if it was a different year, bless you!

    see you later my friend, hope your day is going good!

    blessings to you


  • Hey Denise!

    I watched the link, its quite strange with all those top brass suits talking about the subject in a serious and unblinking manner its almost like an episode of the X Files! If everything they are telling us is 100% truth then it begs the question 'whats next?

    Thank you for the lovely compliments by the way, i feel less of an old ship-wreck now lol!

    Hope your week is going good

    Speak to you soon.

    Blessings Lx

  • Hi, From my own experience, I've noticed that spirits hang around water. From talking to people in religious circles orbs are considered the presence of angels and usually surround a Holier Being.

  • Hi shadowplay,

    I just loved your term "all those top brass suits talking about the subject in a serious and unblinking manner its almost like an episode of the X Files! ".....LOL....thats SO true,....I look forward to the "developments" so much now....Daniel has heard somewhere about this subject that something profound is going to take place on the 13th? 3 days....lets see what happens eh!....I will let you know what and if he hears more šŸ™‚

    Hope your having great weekend!

    see you soon

    love and blessings to you


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