Cause for our Son Sudden Death

  • My wife Monira& I lost our son Salim last April, 12th, 2010. He passed a way while a sleep & was almost 14. He was not having any problem, doing really well @ school, playing soccer almost every day & was not complaining of any problem. He got suffocated with facedown on his pillow & our grief is getting worse by the day as it did not make any sense. He went through an episode of encephalitis 8 months earlier, but recovered really nicely. We just want to know what had happen?? Our life is so difficult without him & we are falling apart. I hope some one can help.



  • I feel like there was some problem with his heart and not getting enough oxygen pumping to his brain.

    Be at peace - your son simply learned everything in this life that he came here to learn. His work was done and he was taken peacefully and easily. He never knew what happened, just went to sleep.

  • I'm assuming they gave you an autopsy report? They must have given you all the possabilities. Did they mention anything about a possible seizure? To be face down on a pillow is not a natural thing which is why it seems more likely he had to have either passed out first and landed that way--there could be several reasons for passing out--low blood pressure after sweating a lot in hot weather due to dehydration. If there were low potasium levels enough to stop the heart that would show up in the blood tests as well as low blood sugar. I feel he was rendered unconceise for some reason because lying face into a pillow would not happen otherwise. A sezure would render him to lose conceisness long enough to smother as well. Signs of a seizure would be his arms and legs looking outstretched and ridged. I am psychic and a medium and trying to connect but at the moment not getting a clear picture. I lost a son as well two years ago. He was very atheletic--in good shape and working out everyday as well--but had had some health complaints but nothing alarming. We too struggled to know why and what happened. We were surprised to learn after the report came back that his arteries were all blocked! My son was so health conceise! He was a very young man yet had a massive heart attack. My heart goes out to you but please know your son is still very close to you and comforts you. I believe you will get your answer--it's just a little too soon. BLESSINGS.

  • Hi, I'm sorry about your loss----You've received a lot of good advice here. I think something was missed here. I mean by a doctor or doctors who were treating your son. Could be something that they forgot to mention. I know someone that passed out from dehydration, don't know what would have happened if she had not been at work. You can also pass out from a brain anyuerism. Sudden infant death seems to attack boys more than girls. How did he usually sleep--on his back, side etc. I would try to investigate more. Since encephalitis was mentioned I'm leaning on some complication from that. Sometimes the pure of heart leave before someone like me, for example.

  • Thank you all for the help & quick response. There are so many uncertainties, and I wish some how some way some one could connect with him & find out what exactly happened. He was rigged & initial Dr assumption was seizure, but his tongue was in normal position & for all the 8 months post encephalitis he never had any seizure. The night he passed away he was very happy & it was difficult for us to stop him from laughing most of the time. At approximately mid night he turned so white almost glowing. His mom walked him @ 1 AM for medication (Phenobarbital) that we were wining him off, and every thing was OK. We were told by the house help that she observed his room lights coming on for short while before being turned off @ 4 AM. However when it was time to wake him up @ 5:30 AM he was all blue & gone. I visit his grave no less than once per week, but for the life of me I am not able to connect him even by dream. I wish some could help & make our family life a bit easer.



  • As long as you focus on his death (which was so brief) and not his life (which was much longer and so much more important), you will feel miserable. Can't you celebrate that this wonderful person was with you at all? I know those who have passed over don't want us to grieve for them - why should we when they are so happy over there? It's only because we miss them that we are sad. But we are never parted from those we love for long - we all meet again on the other side.

  • The only impression I got was seizure and reading your post it really stands out again so I'm pretty strong on the seizure. I have another son who didn't have seizures until he was older. He was weaning off of medication as well. Altho the doctors will tell you that seizures can show up years after an injury--say a childhood bump or from an illness. Sezures are hard to explain sometimes. But because it was the only real connection I got I'm sure it was a seizure. Also they do not always bite the tongue--my son has had seizures and not bitten the tongue. Seizures are painless when happening and when they wake up they honestly have no memory so your son did not suffer at all. Also know that altho most seizures pass but in reality on occasion cause death regardless of any help. I feel your son's seizure was that kind. The area in his brain where the seizure occured stopped his breathing. The seizure caused the death. You are a spiritual person so I feel you can comprehend this when I say that this was his time. You could not have changed a thing. He was a very old highly evolved spirit and he came into this life in a partnership with you. ALL that he represented to you NOW you must cultivate in yourself. He does stay close to you--those are the days you feel like you can survive. When he needs to be with others that's when you panick--you can feel that scary emptiness but know he will never leave you for too long it's just he must spend time helping other loved ones. Here's the hardest part right now--letting go of his earthly energy and embracing his spirit as it is now. Do not cling to hold onto his smell or his body. Let that go. When my son first passed and I received his personal things including his shaver my first impulse was to raise that shaver to my nose and hold onto that beautiful scent of him and as I did I heard him yell loudly MOTHER STOP! Throw it out right now! And I did as the message is that to cling to death will keep you stuck in pain and the longer you hold on the harder it is to let go. I keep around me his special things--gifts. And I have a picture board of his photos in a special corner of my living room so I would ease into the reality of his death. BUT craving his physical body will only hold you back. He asks of you to embrace his spirit--his soul as it has changed but he is still the energy you know. It is very soon after his passing and his messages to me will be brief--this is normal. It is just too soon. But he does do little things and says he does talk to you but you think you are making it up in your head. You are not. Because I'm psychic it was easier to know my sons spiritual voice talking. This is what he is bringing to your life--a much stronger spiritual path. You must be strong for his mother as she will get sick often and is silent with her feelings of wanting to join him. She is horrified by these feelings but they are real and normal. She needs more rest and to understand that a great shock has ravaged her whole body. This is normal and will be felt greatly at least for a year--peaking as the first aniversery comes. It will get better by two years but will come and go. Medication is important to help her when her heart starts pounding and the "event" comes back. There is a post traumatic condition that takes time to heal. Not just the loss but the horror of that day played out in the mind. It is ok for her to shy away from public and social gatherings the first year. But that passes as well. I know it is too soon to see that you'll ever feel ok again but you will. Also, you should know that when parents lose a child there is a 70% divorce rate following so mind your marriage and understand that you both must manage the pain in a way that does not split you apart. In the beginning there will be crazy outbursts of intense emotion--that can come out as anger. My husband and I learned to lean on each other but at times it is silent and we try not to fall apart at the same time. When you love each other it can double the pain! If your wife has outbursts let it go like bad weather and make sure she sees a doctor for medication to help her not get too sick. I mostly get your sons energy expressing concern for her--altho she is as strong as an oak he says he expects you to be the strong one now. He says please no more regrets---you never failed him ever and he chose you his poppie and you were the best and he sends you funny little hellos but you are too lost in tears sometimes to believe. He wants you to start believing. He says you are the "logical" one and now you must let his big magical child heart enter your life as your own to carry on. You must survive and honor his gift to you. What you miss most--what he brought to your home YOU his poppie must now grow inside you to honor his life purpose. Mostly, he urges NO REGRETS! And yes yes yes--believe it when you think is that you? Trust your not so logical side. It is his gift to bring you closer to your spiritual purpose this life time. He adds that you do not need to cling to his grave. Cling to life that is where his spirit soars--with the birds and the flowers--he shows me a handful--little purple buds clasped in childlike hands for his mother. Buy her flowers he says. Fill your house with life. It will help fill the empty place you feel he has left. His soul was a very bright one. Do not look for it in a hole in the earth---he lives bright as ever wherever their is beauty and love and joy, Litt!e frogs! ! A child feeding ducks by the pond! A pretty feather left by the door. --that's where he lives now so you must keep those things close so you can know him in his new presence. It will get better. BLESSINGS

  • Hi Mohammed, I would re-post and ask for someone who can connect with those who have passed. There have been some on here before but can't remember who they are. Don't even know if they still visit here. Might want to say

    Need Medium who can connect with those who have passed


    etc. I don't have that gift, but some do and I think your trying to connect with your son.

  • Dalia you obviosly have a BIG heart! You are sweet. I am a medium--it is too soon for expecting a long message--I did connect with his son but it is too soon for more. Another spirit has spoken up for him as well in my message for him. He really is getting visitation from his son but just has not adjusted to his son's change from earthly presence to spirit. This shift takes time. If another medium on this site has more they WILL find their way here. Trust in that--- as being desperate, or URGENT is not a good energy attraction. BLESSINGS

  • Hi Blmoon, I don't think any one person has all the answers. I'm sorry but I did not read all of your post. Don't be offended by anything I post, it wasn't intended that way. It may not appear to be urgent to you but may be to Mohammed. May not be energy as much as grief. Grief is not always negative energy. Tell that to anyone (including myself) who has lost a child. I posted according to my own ideas and thoughts, not expressly yours.

  • Hey im just a random girl but this is so sad...i actually cried because ive had 3 close frnds die this year and i know its hard to deal with but i can never imagine what you are going thru. please stay strong im sure your son wants you to be happy hes always guna be there in spirit :] R.I.P im sure you wer more than great parents to him...

  • mohammad

    I'm not sure but if you can give more info on you, your wife

    (mm/dd/yy , time of birth, place of birth)

    and then your son (mm/dd/yy, time of birth, place of birth)

    also his date of death mm/dd/yy, time of death and place of death

    you need to be very accurate there is no room for mistake especially time of death

    I will see if there is any indication of foul play, but even if I can point it out, you will need to have physical proof before going after whoever is involved

    in both occassions, foul play or not, you are going to have to muster the strength to go on with your life, you can't let grieve overwhelms you.

    the deceased is starting his journey back home, we all will take this journey too someday.

    if you grieve too long, you are holding him from his journey. then it will be grieve that consumes you (and him) I am sure your son doesn't want this either

    how long is too long, is your decision

    tell more about his health, your home situation, and the place of death

    if it's foul play, then usually it's not the first time it happened

    not promising you anything but I'll give it a try

  • Dalia--it is not personal! I was actually feeling just as protective as you. I was not implying no one else had anything more to offer--on the contrary I was implying he CAN trust that spirit will Find this post if there is a message. I have lost a child as well. Spirit asked me to reasure him in that way that it would COME TO HIM--and he didn't need to go searching beyound his origional request. Sorry you thought that message was directed at your advice--please take no offense--you have a big heart and are very compassionate. Spirit asked me to say what I did and I did. I do not want to taint this thread with negative energy so please except my peace offering. Spirit is trying to shift his urgancy to connect with his son in a different direction. Everyone is picking up on that and my message was just offering him a way to do that--by already trusting the connection is there. Also, as a medium I was telling him the facts of it--this soon after passing messages from the loved one are brief--it takes a little longer. Even I had to wait that wait when my son passed. He was with me--made little connections but messages about the actual event of passing took close to two years to start revealing themselves--spirit has it's own wisdom for that. This is not just my expeirience but the same when connecting for others--I have been told many times it is to soon for some answers. I advised against the urgency request because the reality is very empathetic people will want to help! He may get bombarded with so much info and well meaning suggestions that it will just overwhelm him. I just wanted him to trust that the answer would FIND HIM. I trust in that. He put the prayer out there and spirit hears. BLESSINGS!

  • Thank you Leoscorpion. I work as an engineer for the Saudi Arabian Oil Company, and we were very happy family with very big dreams & plans for years that I planned with my wife mainly around our son. My wife is permanent school teacher for the last 16 years, but she quit her work for now, and I am hoping she would go back to school in the future. Our son Salim came down suddenly with encephalitis last year (July, 11, 2009) & needed close to a month of hospitalization. However he fully recovered as far as we know & left the hospital August 12th, 2009. He was recovering really nicely without any problems except stinging itch @ times for the 1st 3 months after leaving the hospital, then recovered form that as well. We were wining him of medication, but the doctor told us it will take some time & we were coordinating closely with his Dr. He was doing really well @ school & plays soccer without any problem. However suddenly last April 12th he was dead in his bed even though he did not complain of any thing @ night, his mom had given him the only medication that was left while wining him off @ 1 Am, the house help observed his room light coming on @ 4 AM then off short while later. 5:30 AM he was to be awakened to prepare for going to school but was dead with face down on the bellow stiff & blue. Our entire world came crashing as a result, and we are still grieving with unbearable pain.

    My recorded Birth day is Dec, 19th, 1960. My wife's is August, 10th, 1964 & my son Salim was born, August, 10th, 1996 & passed April 12th, 2010. We were all born @ the eastern province of Saudi Arabia & that is where we live & where my son passed away. Thanking you for any thing you can help us with, we just want to know what happened?


  • Ok let me see

    but is there a time I can use? at least his birth time

  • Thx, he was born on Saturday, Augast, 10th, 1996 @ apporixmately 13:00 hours (1 PM)

  • Thx leoscorpion, he was born on Saturday, Augast, 10th, 1996 @ apporixmately 13:00 hours (1 PM)


  • Mohammad

    From what I can see, your son was very energetic child, very blessed with the Sun’s vitality and Pluto’s regeneration ability. This is why you can’t accept his death because he always bounced back to ‘life’ from sickness or injuries all those times he was alive. I see a tendency to be overbearing, it’s normal for a young child to always want something and want it now. He had so much vitality and energy, that he also lacked patience and couldn’t wait for his turn, or wait for a response to a request. At young age this is also normal, I don’t know any teen that is not demanding. I see a possibility of nurturing/teaching activity, means your wife or you taught him how to be patient, to appreciate work. Means when he asked something, your wife or you would say “OK, do this first and I will give you that”. Being your wife a teacher, most likely she was the one planting this seed of discipline in him.

    Saturn is dominant in your son’s chart. He rules physical matters, longevity. Around 2006 – 2007, he transited your son’s house of learning and in doing so he was aspecting his Sun. because the Sun rules vitality, and your son is ruled by the Sun (he is a Leo) any personal matter that is not looked after thoroughly then comes to the surface. Encephalitis is a rare disease. The symptoms however, are quite common you wouldn’t have thought it is encephalitis in the beginning. Your son would’ve shown these symptoms, with Saturn transits. But because he was blessed with the ability to recover fast and higher than normal vitality (thanks to the stars placement) you could say that Saturn didn’t get to hit him hard as he planned to.

    There was an aspect Saturn made in your son’s chart, that is said to cause low sugar in blood. If you notice the symptoms of low blood sugar is almost similar to encephalitis. For example, seizures, personality change, vomiting, confusion, headache and so on. Now in 2006-2007, as I said earlier, your son might have been able to take care of this on his own. If he did show the symptoms, you wouldn’t have known then. But in 2009, your son’s vitality gave in. Saturn made exactly the same aspect, the very aspect that cause low blood sugar. This time, however, your doctor was able to tell the difference. Because the symptoms are similar, but your son this time didn’t recover that fast so this time his health drew your attention more than before. It took him a month and he gained his vitality back when the Sun returned to Leo. Your son is a Leo, because when he was born, the Sun sits in Leo. In August 2009, a month after Saturn punched him hard, the Sun returned to Leo, and his vitality returned.

    In April 2010, the Sun again made a difficult aspect with Saturn. This was a great pressure to his health, he was still under medication. Pluto was aspecting Mars, a difficult aspect that could bring up suppressed emotion and carelessness, so his regenerative ability at this time was not working well. If it were easy aspects, Mars will add energy to regeneration, but unfortunately it wasn’t. Whatever it was your son was planning to do, he didn’t make it through. I didn’t see any foul play (crime) but carelessness was quite clear. Either he was careless, or the person who was supposed to watch over him (if there is such person) was careless. If he woke up earlier than he used to at 4 AM, he was probably feeling not well but couldn’t reach the door. So when you found him, he already died. The way he died, sounds like seizures to me. If it happened in bed, then probably he didn’t make a sound so nobody outside knew what happened and nobody checked him out. Someone with his configuration also risk being poisoned. But I am not familiar with allopathy medicine and poison, I thought to mention that just in case. He died at home, so you can probably rule this out. But maybe you can find out more about the medication given to him, in case you really want to know. To find out more it will be autopsy, or like Dalia mentioned, speak with a medium. Your son died less than 6 months ago, it wouldn’t be hard to contact him. If you wait much longer, then it would be harder. Bring his favourite item to a medium with a photo, it might help. Someone local, that can probably visit his room if you allow it. The connection will be stronger there.

    Saturn is the least popular subject when it comes to health. But his transit shows what we miss, what we think is nothing important. I read that encephalitis symptoms are very mild, means it can easily be mistaken as something less dangerous. That’s why it wasn’t treated properly earlier. Someone in medical profession can help you about this. I only read about medical stuffs online.

    This is all I can see. Very sorry for your loss. I hope you will be able to get over your grieve someday and makes his journey ‘home’ lighter that way.

  • Hi BLMOON, is Salim saying anything about the support of other family members/relatives? Is there a one thing that his mom can do that could help her most with the depleting grief?



  • Thanks for your time & the insight leoscorpion. Any thing would help.

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