Tonix3 I need your help

  • I had a reading with you a while back. You said you had more to tell me and to give you my e-mail address and you would tell me more. I put it in, but it didn't show.

    My question was about my boyfriend and I. He is 57 and never been married. We had a bad start. He had a girlfriend who moved to another state. She had been gone for 2 years. I had no idea about her. Her dob 8/29/52. I met him on a dating site where he was looking for a long term relationship. We had a great time for a couple of months. It was the Xmas season and she came for a visit. I was dumped. A few weeks went by with no contact. He called and said he had told her about us and it was over with her. I saw the e-mail he sent her with a promise to talk on the phone later. I felt bad about the mess he created. Also lost a lot of trust in him.

    In your short reading you said that you see someone from his past traveling to see him. Can you please give me some more info. I don't want to be a fool again. His dob 5/15/53. Mine is 8/5/51. I really do appreciate all on this site who use their talents to help people they don't know.

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