Virgo Man - Scorpio Woman

  • Could you tell me if this relationship is going anywhere? I initiated it and at first we were having ****. Then he decided we would just be friends with no ****. Then we had **** again. Then he decided again after a month we were just going to be friends. When he suggested us being just friends and still seeing each other I agreed since we get along so well. I feel safe with him and we talk endlessly. Basically, I am very happy when I am with him. I see him a couple times a week. I do have feelings for him but there is the age difference and I might mention there is still the sexual overtone to the relationship. He seems to be very honest with me and I know he likes me. He just came out of a relationship. The girl still lives with him but just as a roommate until she can get her feet on the ground. She & I get along ok. He had a two year marriage that ended badly (she gave away one of their kids while he was on tour “he is a drummer” without telling him.) He also had a 17 year relationship which ended very badly (she took his three kids and went back to Alaska & he has not seen the kids in six years.) Then a two year relationship that ended badly (she had a coke addition.) It seems all his relationships except perhaps this last one have ended badly. He says he is having casual **** with other women but I know he sees me more than anyone else. He says all his sexual relationships end up bad and he does not want that to happen with me. Is this just a line because he is not interested in me as a lover or is he trying to protect himself emotionally? I just don't know what to think. I guess I just want to know if I should pursue this or walk away before I get more involved.

    His birth date is 9/14/61

    My birth date is 10/28/47


  • I compared your two astrological profiles and I see that you Tempestuous can become very dependent in this relationship because your friend will tend to dominate you. He in turn hates how you obsessively examine him and the relationship, although it's just because of your natural attentiveness. At first he was flattered by the attention, then he became uncomfortable with the close scrutiny and questions. Your intensity both repels and attracts him which is why he comes and then goes. You both therefore need time out from each other periodically. He is also gun-shy of intimate relationships from being burned in the past. It will always be like this, even if you marry. You will both come to resent this relationship if it binds you too tightly, so marriage doesn't seem very likely or healthy in this case. If real intimacy and understanding can't be fostered here, then no further interaction of any kind should be entertained.

  • that sounds like my relationship!!!! I was in a 6 month relationship witha scorp male. At first he seemed to be sooo into me, he even told me he was crazy about. couldn't wait to introduce me to his fam and friends and even told ppl we were getting married and having a child. He said marriage was in out future and he wanted to live together. I was very loyal and supportive to him. He ended the relationship becaause of my response to his possible relocation, some of my male friends say that I let him down and was not supportive of his move and he felt in the way of my goals. I would love another chance at love or at least a friendship now because he is very distant towards me and somewhat harsh. I did say something a lil hurtful but I apologize(we both did). What do you think Captain...his dob 11-8-76 mine 8-28-82

  • Cutevirgin, please start your own thread by clicking on the "Create a new topic" button at the top right of the page and I will answer you there.

  • Captain,

    Are you saying we would always need to take breaks from each other if we remain in a relationship even if intimacy and understanding were reached? Or that he will always be shy of intimate relationships?

    Space is probably something I would need also if everything else was in place as I do need to be by myself at times.

  • Yes, you two will always need breaks from each other because being together can be a very intense situation. Because of this separation, you are unlikely to ever be permanently very close or intimate. You will both probably always keep back a bit of yourselves out of self-protectiveness.

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