Scorpio Female/Aquarian Male

  • I need advice! I've been divorced for many years and have always thought about my first love, an Aquarian, and to cut a long story short, I found him, living in another city, not married but living with someone. We called each other and sms'd for over a year and in December he came and spent 10 days with us. We had a wonderful time, things seemed so similar to how they were 30 years ago, same mannerisms, etc. I know that Scorpio and Aquarians are not supposed to get on well! He does have Scorpio as his rising sign / moon sign. Anyway he had to leave a couple of days earlier than expected in January due to work commitments and I felt absolutely devastated. He also cried, though, when he left. Then I didnt hear from him for 4 days, after that an sms to say he had trouble at home and needs space to work things out. The lady he was living with, he said, stayed in her own bedroom and they had had no relationship for 3 years. She moved out at end January. I went to visit for a weekend end February and everything was great and I left feeling very confident about our relationship. (he said my son and I must come and live with him, so I was to come and see his house, look at special schooling for my son, he also said he wished to marry me and that he should have not let me go all those years ago, etc., etc.). On Mar 10 we had a huge row over the telephone, he told me that his ex had to come and live with him again as she had been retrenched from her job and that it would only be until she sorted herself out. I was not happy! Two days later he told me that she had an airticket to Scotland and was going to live with her son. This guy keeps on saying he needs time to sort things out but that he is serious about 'us'. I now havent heard from him since a short call last thursday, today is monday! I do know that Aquarians dont make hasty decisions and need 'air'. Does this kind of behaviour seem normal though?

  • I know that when my husband and I first met I had to put up with the fact that his ex was living in his house as she was waiting to get a place of her own. Its an awkward time. He didn't have a spare room and he said he gave up his bed so that she didn't have to sleep on the sofa. He did spend some time at my house. I felt bewildered but trusted him and she soon moved out completely....but although it was hard I had to bite my tongue and let them sort out their affairs as amicable as possible. He wasn't married either and the house was his, so he was doing his ex a favour by letting her stay a while. My gut was telling me he was to be trusted. It could be the same with your fella. What does your gut instinct say? Not hearing from him for days concerns me though....ring him up for a friendly chat. Gauge his reaction, rely on your instinct.

  • I do trust him with her, but I get so angry at her helplessness!! An Aquarian is friendly to all people and I do believe his is just helping her, but I dont know what to make of our relationship. Being a Scorpio I want things to happen immediately and I think of all the wasted time being apart. He says he wants to get everything organised before we move to him, and I am just wondering if he is putting me off, Although he says if he didnt want me he would tell me and not waste his time or mine. The silence on his side keeps my mind wandering to all sorts of complications, surely, although he is very busy, there has to be moment for a quick call or sms?

  • I think I too was angry at my husband's ex's apparent helplessness too! Never thought of it like that! Its the silence that would make me worry too...although why not try and give him a quick call or sms out of the blue...even a friendly "hiya stranger,how you doing?I'm missing you,y'know"...say you know he's busy,perhaps he can chat later.....he may be preoccupied that he just hasn't thought. Don't let the silence continue though otherwise your mind will work overtime and that's not good for you.

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