Somebody Help Me!! Please!!

  • My man is a Moody Cancer, I see there is alot of people dealing with Cancers here.. Seems like they all Moody and Confused..(smh) Long story Short, I met him on 2007 we have been nothing but great friends we hung out almost every other weekend, He turned out to be one of my close friends in this New City where I live, during the 2 years I had known him I have never considered him, ( He really was not my type of guy) the dress, style etc..etc not my style.. persay. I have even try to Hook him up with a couple of Women that I became friends with.. he was not interested and vice versa.. anyway, in February 2010 we took a road trip and decided after a clear and precise converstation of what we wanted in a person. we became a couple after 2 1/2 years!! everybody was shock and surprise!! I have learned toaccept his way of dress and style, as you cannot changed a person, you must like them just the way they are nothing eles...I have fell head over heels for a man, that I would give a second look too?? WOW!! now that interesting, we have almost everything in common, he is romanic, funny, affectionate and caring.. the problem is getting ready to get dumped..Trying to be real patient y'all, but..WHEW its taking my joy away!!

    he is a good man but, 1 minute he is up and then down.. I even tried to give him space on these Mood Swing episodes, but does it really take all of this to be with a Cancer Man ( are you serious!!)

    1. Mood Swings.. why can Cancer Man get it together!!

    2. he doesnt make his feeling known? why don't you just say what you feel..its not that hard!!

    3. I feel like I have explain everything, Draw a picture and paint one too.. get a clue

    4. He never Falls through with his plan 75% of the time,, that dissappoiting

    He has been my Lover, My Friend everything you would want in a man..almost want to cry thinking about it!! its pritful

    Please somebody, should I let this Cancer go, Because this Pisces Girl is Running out of Patience

  • You are in the Astrology section so you need to give both birthdates.

  • oh ok, new to this.. March 19 and his July 22

  • Pisces1977, I'm also going through a similar situation with a close Cancer friend, but while I can tell you that I'm also ready to pull my hair out, it's just as worth it not to...or to let yourself go bald while waiting for the two of you to be in sync again.

    Pisces can be very impatient. Anyone who knows us can attest to this. But I contend that the impatience tends to apply to daily, material things. The real, un-fantastic, non-dream world we are forced to live in simply does not meet our expectations. However, the patient, compassionate, romantic, dreamer in you is what brought you here to seek advice and help.

    Pisces/Cancer, in any context, can be rocky. Fish can't leave the water, but Crabs can scuttle in and out as they choose, just out of our reach (nevermind fish only have fins, mind you). But think of how nice it is when you're both swimming together!

    But the relationship is obviously worth it! I can tell you that each point you listed are among the numerous issues I have with my Cancer friend, and most of them in my life in general that are close to me. Cancers are just tricky, period. They're selfish and moody and sensitive and rather INsensitive when it comes to dealing with others but it makes the challenge of overcoming differences with them so much more rewarding. If you care about him, hold your patience...pretend to let him go, and let him come back to you, all the while never intending to lose him in the first place.

    I knooowwww it's so difficult, BELIEVE ME I understand, but remember that unlike a Cancer, who is a crab with a shell to hide in, Pisces don't have any protection whatsoever, and as such, nothing to help them shut their mouths should they decide to open it! 🙂

  • yes, thanks for the advice, I will try and stick it out and I'm learining to be Patience, and also it takes alot of me to keep my mouth shut, as I always have to make a point.

    How important is it to stay in a relationship, with this kinda work, almost like having a 2nd job.. as a Pisces I like to laugh and be free!!

    thanks again

  • This can be an exciting and deeply personal relationship, focusing on being oneself and expressing highly individual emotions. Both of you bring to it the gifts of intuition, passion and empathy. These gifts reinforce each other and the relationship further contributes to them with a high degree of mental and physical compatibility. The matchup then is marked by easy communication and sensuous enjoyment. It will never place undue demands on either of you, since there should always be a free and easy exchange between you.

    The easy-going nature of the relationship should make it succeed in any form, including work and business. On balance, though, it is best suited to love and friendship. As lovers, you two generally feel good about your relationship and are for the most part satisfied. You have a silent enjoyment and understanding of each other - you are on the same wavelength. Here just a look tells the whole story. Love and affection can be expressed in an easy way, without overt displays of emotion or a need to impress others.

    Marriage here will also be successful, as long as a stable financial and emotional foundation is established first. Providing this kind of security will take some work, and both of you may have to give up some individual freedom and set limits on your impulsiveness. You two must be careful however not to give up too many of your individual perogatives, particularly when it comes to other people. Your need and desire to share with each other may lead to jealousy or possessiveness that can undermine the relationship. You two may well be open enough to share a circle of mutual friends but you must put your relationship first while also keeping certain areas of your life together private and exclusive so as to provide the stability you need. Share, but don't give it all away and don't take each other for granted. Sometimes you have to speak your mind. There is a tendency for promiscuity or impracticality to rear its ugly head here unless empathy, love, and communication is kept flowing freely.

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