Leo male, Capricorn female. Advice ?

  • I’m the Leo (male), she’s a Capricorn. We met about 3 months ago at a mall where she works. She went out of her way to talk to me and I asked her out on the spot. We went out 4 times before I initiated a kiss. She pulled away right after and said she wasn’t ready to be in a relationship. I took it pretty hard and walked away that day thinking we were through.

    Anyways, the next day she continued to call and text me. Since then we’ve hung out maybe 5 more times, and every time it ends with a hug and that’s about it. Though I’m a pretty physical person, I’m fine with taking things slow, because I have genuine feelings for her.

    I know there is attraction on her part. She quietly stares at me a lot when we’re together, like she’s analyzing me. She also jokes a lot about how are futures would be if we were together (and living together).

    There will be periods where she won’t call me for 3 to 4 days in a row. Sometimes I’ll call her, and she just won’t call back. I’ve never been in a situation like this. She is totally in her own world, doing her own thing.

    Any Caps or people who know Caps have advice for me? Should I continue to pursue or should I leave her alone until she is ready to talk to me? Honestly I hate going so out of my way to try to keep communication with someone, it just doesn’t seem right. If she likes me, I’d imagine she’d put a little more effort to see me or talk to me. To me, 4 days of no communication is wrong. But maybe I’m rushing things. I don’t know : /

  • Unfortunately - probably because of bad past relationships - this girl feels a need to test her potential love partners. It may take a long time before she feels physically and emotionally safe with you. It all depends on how willing you are to undergo her possibly rigorous, odd, and lengthy testing processes and how long you are prepared to wait for her to accept you?

  • She's probably cautious in relationships thats why she pulls back.There's definitely an attraction between these two sign!

  • Does anyone else have an input in this combination!!!

  • Well, maybe a little, but my oldest daughter is a leo and her BF is a cappy. Would you like to hear what I have seen and learned.

  • Taurus7!!! Sure! It would be helpful to know.

  • Ok - I will start out with my daughter, only bc I know her best. She is amazing. Diligent, sweet, beautiful, innocent, yet smart and wise. She does not play games, she sees through people. She sees the positives. She knows what is right, and wrong. She has an innate ability to always choose right. She stands up for what she believes in. Yet, she is calm She will ot push someone or herself.

    That is what I find odd. She has an uncanny acceptance ability about her. In the case of her boyfriend, she did not ever appear needy or desperate. She waited. She knew she was the best thing to ever come his way, yet not in a proud or haughty sense. She is just not wired that way. Her words were, if who I am does not make him want to be with me, then, oh well. She would say that as she cried, bc she loves him so much.

    She knows he comes from a difficult back ground. She empathizes, yet knows that we cannot allow ourselves to be stuck. She waited and it payed off. He is mesmerized by her, which, as her mother I get, yet she does not want that. Does that make sense?

    Even though she had a hard childhood, I did my best to keep it real and unemotional. Just factual. Her father put us through hell almost everyday. She protected her younger brother and sister, bc they mattered more to her than herself. She got my strongness. I am a Taurus, she is a leo, I think you can get that.

    Protection is on the top of our lists. But, what she wants to show her guy is love. Real, powerful, yet sometimes not pretty love. And real life too. She is in the Army Nat'l guard. She works full time, goes to college and knows that life takes hard work and dreams. Yet that you have to work to reach your dreams bc they will just not manifest themselves. Her guy, knows that deep down, but, he was let down by his family. Not raised by his parents, but his grandparents.

    If you want to hear more, let me know.

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