• The cancer man i'm into (July 16th) is very confusing. I honestly can't tell how he's feeling. Sometimes I get the impression that maybe hes only asking me to hangout because one of his friends wants me but then other times I get the impression that he does. I also have another Scorpio Girlfriend born on the same day as me (november 1st) that im getting the impression he's into although he doesnt ask her to hangout every weekend like he asks me. I'm also concerned he just wants sexual relations. He asks me to hangout every weekend but is very shy. One weekend my other scorpio friend was being flirtatious and he asked her to make her dinner the next day. She replied with a no. He still asks me to hangout every weekend but hasn't asked me to dinner. Either hes not into me and is into my friend or he's into just both of us.. I neeeeeeeeeeeed answers but I don't know if I should straight up ask him what his intentions are because it might be too straight forward.



    pleaseeeeeeee help!!:)

  • he is testing his waters with each of you. he is looking to make a touchdown... score!! your girlfriend played it smart and needs to continue to play it smart. he is thinking with his p e n i s at the moment..

  • Please remember that the Cancer sun can be in one of Many houses, Cancers home is the 4th house. its a good idea to find a astrologer or a book that tells what a Cancer sun in such and such a house means. Because each house is a different coat so to speak, Included with that are the other planets and houses they are in, not to say what the transits are and have been. As a full Cancer male, my sun is in cancer the 4th home. I am tend to be drawn to Scorpio's and Tarsus.

    My astrologer says for me to find a woman who matches my Moon and not my Sun for that makes a better paring.. So my Moon is 28 deg Pisces and she tells me to look for a Taurus woman.

    I hope this helps you


  • Thank you!!

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