Why Do I Keep Finding Love Heart Shape Rocks?

  • Can someone please give me some ideas/opinions why I keep finding Love Heart Shaped Rocks in my garden?

    The very first heart rock I found was just sitting on the concrete of my driveway, it is in the most perfect shape.

    My youngest daughter found the smallest love heart rock on her bedroom floor, don't know how she saw it, it matched the carpet.

    I also went on a hike a few weeks ago, and out of the 5 women I was hiking with I noticed a big heart rock stuck to the ground, at first none of them noticed it, until I pointed it out.

    Just curious and thought it would be fun to hear if anyone else has experienced this.

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  • I was going to ask the same thing!

  • Hi watergirl18,

    My dad passed away almost 8yrs ago.

    Just a little history here, the house I am living in is almost 2yrs old. during construction, I would come and take photo's of the different stages. After I down loaded the pics and reviewing them, I noticed a person's reflection in the garage window, please note there was no home built next to me at the time, also no one was standing in front of the window. In the same picture, there is a sandpile and there looks like there is a face in that too. The pile of sand face looks like a man with a beard and he is very sad, but the face in the window is a very peaceful image. My dad never had a beard, I don't know anyone that had a beard that has passed.

    Now going back to March 27 this year, I felt my dad's presence one night, I was wide awake, I actually called to him, something I do from time to time, but he usually doesn't visit, this night I asked him about the (cancer man) and he replied "just believe' then he said something about 7yrs. It was such a peaceful feeling when he visited, that I was more focused on him than what he was saying, (all this was very brief too).

    I usually turn to my dad when I sad or upset.

    I don't know if anything I have mentioned has anything to do with me finding the heart rocks, just thought I would mention this.

    The rocks were delivered when the landscaping was done and most of my neighbors got their rocks from the same place, and the few I asked if they have found any unusual rocks nobody has. (other than agate's), I think thats how you spell it.

    I also asked this question on another site and one lady said finding these heart rocks is like finding a four leaf clover.

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  • Thank you, that does make sense.

    Why would I need to keep finding the heart rocks, the last count was way over 31, one day I found 12 .

    I would just walk by to get the mail and I would look down and there is another rock just sitting there.

    Its the simplist of things I do outside then I will stumble upon one, not purposely looking to find them.

    I am okay with finding them, it actaully is making me laugh.

    My 14yr girl said "just bring all the rocks inside"..........I may just do that!

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  • This post is deleted!

  • Thanks watergirl18,

    I will do that.

  • Spirit is telling you to live from your heart or acknowledging that you already do. There is love all around you..We do not need to fall in love to have love everywhere around us.You are blessed my folks didn't leave trinkets for me wish they would! 🙂

  • A thought just occurred to me too.

    The very first heart rock I found, (the perfect heart),I found it one week I before I showed the cancer man I was seeing, he thought it was neat. That was the last time he visited my home and then a few days later he stopped all communication with me, and thats when these heart rocks started showing up.

    Was this a sign for me?

    Pfree, thank you too.

    I do need to live from my heart, something I have not been doing.

    These past weeks have given me many lessons to learn, and

    I am so happy for this site, its helped me heal my heart too.

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  • Angelwings86,

    Love your name! I love Angels too!

    My dad had a HEART OF GOLD! He had No enemies in his life.

    He was and always will be the most wonderful man that ever has and will

    be in my life.

    He passed away at 67yrs old, (almost 8 yrs ago).

    Not a day goes by without me thinking about him.

  • You all are AWESOME! Thankyou!!

    It just occurred to me, my dad never met my youngest girl, (she is now 8yrs old), although he did visit with her in spirit form when she was 2 years old. A long story short, she recognized him from a photograph and said that he wanted to play toys with her and that he loved her. This happened one day when she was playing in her toy room.

    He had to leave that tiny love heart rock for her in her bedroom.

    Again, it is a perfect shape and the size of a thumb nail.

    You all made my day!!

    My personal year next year is a #7.......I feel like it is starting now.

  • After having an emotional night last night, I was given some wonderful advice from Shuabby, and today after coming home from work and checking my mail box, I got another sign that I am going to be okay........another Beautiful Love Heart Rock waiting for me close by the mail box.

    i am so grateful for all the help i have been getting, I will never forget these wonderful people who came to my rescue when I was down, people who I have never met in person, and you know who you are too!

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU

  • Just wanted to share this, I went with my friend today, who had her first chemotherapy session today, and when we walked into the cancer care institute, at the front desk was an arrangement of rocks with a cross, and amongst the rocks was a love heart rock. The man who made this happened to walk in as my friend checked in and when I asked him about the rock arrangement he made, he told me every rock he collected was from the parking lot outside the building and each rock represented each of his treatments (38 rocks). The heart rock was the first one he found.

    I found a white heart shape rock for my friend having the treatment and we noticed there were 3 other hearts engraved in the rock. She says for her, its saying mind, body & spirit.

    As for the single girl I work with who was desperately searching to find a heart rock, gave up looking after a few days. When I went to check the mail box at work, I found her a heart rock outside our building. She was so happy, her wish is to find true love.

    There is something so calming about these rocks when I find them.

    Each person has their own meaning as to what the rock gives to them.

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