Water Signs and Emotions

  • Just a random thought...been up to my ears in discussions about water signs, emotions, and how we handle them all.

    Agree/disagree? Discuss? It's mostly stating the obvious, but all the same.

    Scorpio: not much protection from their sensitivity and depth of emotions, though some, but the stinger is a defense...when necessary, to pierce others as deeply as they feel.

    Cancer: The softest of them all, with the hardest shell. But more than just protection from outsiders, the shell can act as a way to contain and intensify all the emotion inside--ricochet.

    Pisces: No protection whatsoever--whoever heard of a fish with armor? Instead, they can swim as deeply as they choose, and hope the current will work in their favor.

  • whoops...totally meant to put this in the "astrology" thread.

  • i think cancerians can ver really insensitive and tacless they don't always understand why the pisces is offended by their harsh words, often personal and rude they simply cannot empathize

  • Tooral...I know scorpios have a stinger because my ex is stinging me now...he ended the relationship on good terms, but because I was hurt I wanted him to hurt and I said something about his past relationships that hurt his ego...so what I am getting now is leave me alone, cold, and distance. However I am wondering do virgos have a stinger too, because I notice I will strike back when someone hurts me, but I do feel guilty at some point and try to make it right...

  • im a pisces and as much as i know i could say something in the heat of am argument that would hurt them i can never bring myself to do it. i feel too bad for them, even if they hav se aid unforgiveable things.

    I can forgive easily but carry the pain and disapointment forever.

  • I'm a Pisces too and I have learnt to think before I say something, not matter how upset I am.

    I wanted to hurt the cancer guy for not communicating with me, but I really had to think about the consequences of my actions, and what good it would have done for me.

    I think as I am getting older, I am being careful when I speak and thinking things through a lot more, something I never would have done in my younger years especially if someone hurt or angered me.

    I feel at peace not taking any action with this man, he deserves nothing from me, I owe him nothing, I forgive him and at the same time moved on:-)

  • I wish i had that! I think virgos try so hard to make others happy and are so caring that when someone hurts us, we get a rage and wants the person to hurt but then we feel bad.

  • tooralooryeaye

    Thank you for posting this about water signs, it's interesting and helpful when trying to understand their ways.

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