Will he ever get out of my dreams?

  • I am trying to forget about my ex husband so I can have a happy life with my current husband and am doing my best during the daylight hours but for some reason I can't keep him out of my dreams! EVERY NIGHT! What's the deal with this? I am trying FINALLY so hard to be rid of him but in my dreams we keep hanging out and I don't understand why he keeps popping up there! It's been very hard for me to keep him OUT of my day thoughts as it is.....I'm trying to move on......it's hard after almost 23 years of knowing him and only not quite 3 years apart, but I am trying! Help how do I get this man out of my dreams?

    On an unrelated issue I am seriously in need money & I am awaiting a check! My finances are TERRIBLE! It's Any idea how much longer I need to wait?

    Any changes in my job that I should know about?

    Bless you for helping me and others!

  • Check didn't come and isn't going to come. I once again got ripped off! What else is new!

    Now I am dreaming about my exs family and in the dreams my mother and his mother are even hanging out! Good luck! They never could stand each other!

    Just wanted to update my posting and see if I could get a response!

    Thank you!

  • Hi, Seems like you are unsure of your present so it's making you revert to the past. Kinda like the grass was greener even though it wasn't. Don't second guess yourself. You had to do what you did (divorce.)

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