I would like for someone to read for me

  • My dob is 02/22/73 and my question is if my husband will get his paper work in november that we have been waiting on or will things not improve for us. I would like to see if all of my projects will get finished, and if my money flow will improve.

  • Dear Borra,

    I get a yes on your end that your projects will get finshed with some help from other people making it possible to have the money needed for your everyday expenses and about the paper work for your husband, he will receive it only after he makes a phone call to the right person a man , and than he will receive it and things will move forward in a very happy and contented way. Look forward to a much better money year for 2011.

  • thank you so much I just got home from mexico and read this. Moving between the two country trying to keep our family together is becoming really difficult and with the money problems that we are facing it has became worse today with the new news that i got in the mail is there anything that you can see for the issue at hand. I am at my witts end.

  • Dorra,

    I need to know your issue at hand, or you can ask me a question or two.

  • okay I married my husband in mexico and we planned on filing papers for him to come back home. unfortanately i did not make enough money to be able to sponcer him on my own the boss that he did work for suffered a stroke will we were in mexico and has to stay in the hospital for a long term because of his need of assistance with daily life. Since then we got him on a list for a work visa but he was denied because he at one time had gotten caught for dui while he was here in the usa but he told them everything up front and showed his proof of completint his classes and paying all of his bill. yet he was denied and told to try again in a couple of months and to be honest next time as well. Now he is on another list for a work visa the appointments are for december or january but i am afraid they will say no again. I am trying hard to keep things going and start up a business that will help bring in some income (maybe). I have prayed every day that he will be able to come home. I feel torn between the two countries I travel there for work but it is not often and we talk daily but my son misses him and doesn't understand how come he can not come home with me. I would love to have a reading that would answer my feelings of confusion. The question I have is will he come home on this visa or will we still be waiting.

  • Hello borra,

    I sense that he will come home in January as it will be a new year and a much better one for you all. You will have some bumps in the road where money is concerned but you will have enough to get you by. Your husband will help in the business and will prove to be an asset to you. iIfeel he has creative ideas that will be put into place. Three yrs down the road after a lot of hard work and improvements you will have a nice home and growing business venture that you may expand and add another partner too, a male with an R in his name is what I'm getting at this time. Spirit wants me to tell you that you will be blessed for your hard work and effort.

    Please keep in touch and let us know how well you are doing on this journey called life.

  • shuabby,

    Thank you just reading this has brought tears to my eyes and a weight from my heart. I do miss him so much and may god bless you for sharing your gift with me. I feel better now.

  • shuabby

    I am really greatful for the reading, I am wondering do you see my grannie or fannymoma i have been thinking of them often and they both are on the other side. sometimes they are in my dreams and i just don't know what to make of it. If not thank you any way.

  • Dear Borra

    I pulled out these 2 cards for you:-


    You do not need another's approval to feel worthy of love.

    Regardless of what you've done,

    or what you think you've failed to do,

    from your soul's perspective, there's neither right or wrong.

    Every experience in life is here to help you

    expand your awareness of love

    so that you may embrace ever greater

    spheres of wisdom.

    You've done nothing wrong.


    Listen to your heart. Love is the greatest healer.

    It has the capacity to balance and heal your emotions,

    thoughts and perceptions, which in turn will heal you


    Your Angels are here with you, and will help dissolve your

    fears. Trust in the power of love to guide you, and your

    life will magically transform. This card is confirmations

    that healing is occurring right now.

    Wishing you both well, happy times will come again.

  • Intrigued,

    I have read several post and have seen your post with the readings you have done for people and im quite impressed. Would it be possible for you to do a tarot card reading for me, just my life in general? my bday is 8-22-87.

    With Love,


  • You flatter me blondebarbie22, I shall endeavour to help you, although I'm very bad at tarot. I'm still finding my way around the cards. I tend to work more intuitively with the Angel cards. I don't need your birthdate for this. Wow, your cards all jumped out of the pack, so I definitely know that these cards are for you:-


    You are confused and indecisive because

    you do not have enough information.

    Do research or seek expert advice

    before making a decision.

    You have felt like you are chasing your tail, looking at this option, then that option. This indecisiveness is exhuasting you, dear one! The reason why you're confused is that you do not have enough information to make an informed decision. Your choices appear too similar right now, but once you conduct additional research, your decision will become more clear.

    First, begin by asking god and the Angels to enter your dreams and give you more information. Then, ask your feelings to give you guidance. This means imagining what it would feel like to make this decision. Then, imagine what it would feel like to make the other choice. Go deep within, and notice how your body reacts as you try on the different options. If your gut or jaw tightens, this is a sign that something isn't right. If your heart flutters with warmth, this is a sign that you are on the right path. Before making your final decision, seek the counsel of wise friends and teachers whose experience and intuition can guide you.


    No conditions aren't favourable right

    now. Wait, or look into other options; and ask

    the Angels to help, guide and comfort you.

    There is a reason why you asked for Heaven's opinion about this situation. In your heart, you knew that something was amiss. I am here to help you trust this wisdom within your heart. Although, it may seem romantic to jump in without looking, this situation warrants otherwise. Since I am one of your Guardian Angels, your happiness is my central mission. This situation,

    as it currently stands, won't bring you the joy that you seek.

    There are options available to you. One is to wait. This will certainly improve your outlook, either because you will learn more information, or because something better will come along. The second option is to go ahead with the current situation. You certainly have the free will to do so. Be assured that I will stay with you whether you heed my caution or not. If you fall into a situation where you need my rescue, I will be there with my unconditional love! Each time that you listen to me - and also each time that you ignore me - you grow and learn.

    I ignored this card at my peril! I was told not to come overseas but my husband had already applied and got the job! It's been tough, but we've learnt some lessons and it's been a time of learning and growth. It wasn't all bad, but looking back I probably wouldn't have come out here!


    I am the Angel of Abundance.

    You will receive the money that you

    need, and God is in charge of how

    that will happen. Have faith.

    God is the source of all of your good. Release all of your cares and worries to me, and I will bring them directly to God. The more that you surrender to this situation to Heaven, the more open you become. Your openness like outstretched arms wlecomes the gifts that we bring you. When you worry, however, it closes you down. It then becomes more difficult for us to deliver your gifts. You don't notice your gifts, or you push them away.

    God's infinite creativiity means that your financial support will come in unexpected ways. One of the reasons why you worry is because you don't know how your money will be delivered. You can release these worries by completely relying on God's wisdom and care. Notice your repetitive thoughts, feelings and ideas. They are our way of communicating Divine guidance to you. As you follow these Divine directives, your supply comes to you on the wings of Angels, without delay or reservation. The more that you can relax and trust, the faster we can bring these gifts your way.

    I also drew this card for you:-

    Positive Outcome

    At this very moment,

    you are sowing the seeds of your future

    through your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes.

    Whether through love, fear or indifference

    you are always creating something,

    so remember to keep your thoughts,

    beliefs and attitudes positive

    and you will create a

    positive outcome.

    The card above says it all really! You have to stay positive and believe in yourself. You will always attract good things when you're in a positive and calm state. The world is your oyster, you are also very young. Live a life that you can look back on and feel happy that you made it the best you could! Really good times to you. I hope you are very happy. Here's to a happy and productive life 😄

  • Wow..i feel many emotions as just finished reading what the cards have said. Im sitting here with tears in my eyes, because it speaks right to my bear soul and heart and everything is true. I have been going back forth with a decision for a lil while and do not know what is right for me. I have been impatient to wait for something that i desire most and i was ready to jump into it without hesitation or knowledge.

    All the questions and doubt im feeling at this moment in my life, were just put to rest ust from this reading. My guardian angels have spoken to me and knew exactly what to say. I can't thank you enough Intrigued, awesome job! great feeback for you 🙂

  • oh i dont know if u still needed my birthdate or not, but it is 8-22-87.

  • Hello Blondebarbie22, many thanks for your feedback I do appreciate your comments. It feels good to help you. You are still so young and have much to learn! You'll be just fine. Take care and be happy. 😄

  • Intrigued

    Thank you so much for the reading and the cards were right I always felt distant from my grannie but always was that i had to prove myself or try to win her aproval. I felt really bad when she passed because i thought that i had plenty of time to see her but i was gone for a week and the next week I would have been back but yet time got away and her spirit just didn't last. I always felt guilty but I did tell her that I loved her even if it was on the phone. would you do a reading for my husband? his D.O.B is 08/05/82 I would appreciate it. He has been conserned lately because of a woman that he messed around with before we got married is now telling him that there is a possibility that the child she is about to have is his and he does not trust her and we are begining to fell the strain of this and we have not been married more than 6 months.

    Again thank you and may god bless.

  • Hello Borra, thank you for your reply, I really appreciate it. Don't beat yourself up about your Grannie, life gets in the way. She will totally understand, and she doesn't sound an easy woman. It sounds like she was scared to get too close herself for whatever reasons. We all do the best we can at that time, that's all any of us can do. I will get back to you on your husband, I'm afraid it's Friday night and I've had a beer so I wouldn't dream of doing a reading just now. I am sorry. I just thought I'd drop in and take a look but I will do a reading for your husband, I'm not sure if I can answer your specific question but I will do my best. You are a good woman to stand by him, how cruel is life that this happened before you got married. You take care, life does have a way of somehow working out.

    Many blessings to you.

  • Hello Borra, I am sorry that I haven't got back to you. I will try and do the reading in the next few days. I couldn't remember where your message was!!

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