Been a long time, Hi Everyone!!

  • How is everyone doing? Been awhile since I've been a regular here, I check in everyone once in awhile. Anything new?

    I would also LOVE a reading if anyone would be so gracious; been awhile because Ive been too scared to ask. Feeling pretty good now though!

    Anyways, My DOB is January 1, 1978..time is 3:14am in Ontario, Canada. Anything regarding, love, career..friends, ...anything! 😃

    Hope to hear from some regulars!!...and not just for a reading, silly! lol



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  • Goodluck. hope you get a reading Also, Nice to see you back.

    Blessings and Love

    Bee Xx

  • Thank-you very much! I'm getting nervous now because in the last 7 months or so I've asked for help 3 times and no-one replied, so I just left it. Thought I'd try again, but this is the third now.. I don't know whats going on, something feels off...

  • What, how do you mean off? 😃 some people have left the sight, and new people have stepped in, depends if there are still anyone around from since you was here, if you spot anyone on any other threads that you feel you've talked too just let them know you're back.

    some readers are really busy, and there threads get bombarded, we try and have patients here as little as it comes by, why don't you drop in other threads and make yourself known a little, not just here for asking for readings, though i know that's what this place is about, but readers like to get to know you too, other than just asking for a reading. there are people here if you make threads for them that will reply. Leo scorpion is good for birth chart readings, as is HighPriestess3 but she is clearing out backlog for that, and also The captain will give you a reading most defiantly she will be on later, though you will have to find a topic that has more comments, or sometimes you don't always get reply's. Browse around for a bit, things have certainly changed since you was here last. make yourself at home, these people are happy and loving people and willing to let you in on there knowledge and advice, But remember to be respectful and accept answers with gratitude. and thanks. Goodluck finding someone for a reading, there are wonderful inspiriting people on here.

    Love light and blessings Bee Xx

  • Yes, I am aware of all these readers, thank-you, Angelbee, for your reply. I completely understand that everyone is busy, it just felt odd because it was the 3rd time I has asked for help in 7 months and haven't received anything back, but that's ok. I don't want to interfere into any-ones thread nor drive any reader nuts asking the same thing over and over. If it was meant to be read it would have been.

    Take care and have a great day.

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