Suitcase Opening

  • What is your interpretation of hearing the sound of a suitcase opening (after you wake up.) I have had a lot of coincidences (?) about something that might happen. The other day, when coming to the car, there was a cream and pink long stem rose on the ground by my car door. Thanks.

  • I'm on trying to make a decision. Am I getting a nod! Or not. Please help.

  • Hello Dalia,

    I'm not entirely sure on this one but I would interpret any 'opening of a door, or suitcase as you describe it' as a good omen that times are ripe for transformation and change. If you are faced with making a decision that will change things for you, then I would think this 'opening suitcase' to be more along the lines positive affirmation. It's interesting that you interpret the noise as a suitcase. Are you making a decision that could lead to travel or relocation?

    The rose certainly seems positive too, but I don't know if there is any specific symbolism to a rose itself, or the color for that matter.

  • Hi DreamerNorth, I have a friend that I have been helping. He is handicapped, not by birth. By an accident. He is tired of being alone. We get along quite well. He has a problem w/alcohol. Personality changes (talks a lot kind of agressive.) So, if I want to have a beer, I have to make sure that he only has one. He is also jealous of one of my friends. I hate bringing someone into my house that I barely know. I have known him for 6 months. I like him and enjoy his company and he could help me out if I rent a room out to him. Other than that, I don't want to plan too much into the future. I told him if he wanted to move-in on the first that he could. He is struggling with it because he wants to move in now. I don't really know what the big deal is. I know that he loves me. I should probably post this in the relationship section. Any response would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • i think there is something in it positive.

  • Hi Dalia,

    I think the fact that you hear the sound of the suitcase opening after you wake up is the most significant part of this dream.

    It represents the dawning of realization after the event.

    I think it means you need to think this through very seriously before making a move but please don't think of it as a warning of negativity. It simply means that once the decisions have been made, you can move forward.

    The symbolism of a rose is always one of love when pink. Have you ever heard the term,

    "in the pink." It should bring a smile to ones face. If it doesn't, then accept it as being symbolic of the love from spirit watching over you while you go through this experience.

    If it was me, i'd ask to be shown whether the suitcase is empty or full when you open it.

    The contents might help too. Is it clothing or does it contain the kitchen sink.

    The symbolism of that in itself should help you decide what to do if you take notice of how seeing the contents makes you feel. eg: Filled with dread. Excited. Nervously excited but warm or even very happy. 🙂

    Hope this helps you somewhat.

    Verdana. 🙂

  • Hi Verdana, After reading your post, I realize now that the spirits are letting me know that they know the situation. I'll take your advice and pray for a good conclusion. This man is a good person. He gets frustrated easily though because he has been at the mercy of other people. I am not a controlling person and that is what he likes about me. In other words, I don't nag. He has a history of "taking off" from his previous renter. This lady is a perfectionist and put a lot of restraint on him. I think there might be a problem w/him thinking that he might have a relationship w/me but he has told me he wants to be friends unless there is a marriage. I'll have to set up certain boundaries and try to stick by them. I don't like to look too far into the future. I don't have a preconceived picture, either. I just hope he is looking at this the same way. I hope everything works out, too. Thanks for your post--it helps.

  • It would be best for all parties if you do that before he moves in. And his frustrations are because he is mad at how his life has become. But he shouldn't take it out on others. It should hopefully get better with time.

  • Hi LL, You are right. Just got off the phone w/my mom (who's a Libra, too!) and she said the exact same thing. I get in a hurry and don't think about everything. My feeling is that he will do a lot better. You never know, though. I think a lot of the time he thinks he's being mistreated by others. I don't think he realizes that it's a tough world and a lot of what he experiences other people also experience. His world is different than yours and mine. I don't treat him different and he says that is what he likes about me. I do treat him w/Love and he'll always have a friend. He knows that.

  • Dalia my sister had muscular dystrophy and I grew up with children like her. And they weren't angry like people who loose the ability to get around like most of us. There isn't much you can tell me about them having worked with people who are challenged. I have seen and listened and I know the angre when your body lets you down and you can no longer do what you used to. I have been pissed on a few occasions myself.

  • Hm. It sounds like it could be a good, but potentially sensitive situation. It sounds like you really do care for this person as a friend and companion, but it sounds like he potentially is wanting more. Have you guys discussed the extent of where this 'relationship' is going, and where it is not going? This is something that should be clarified before you live together.

    It may not be an issue, but personally I would talk it out first. He is already jealous of one of your friends. Sounds like he's already a bit possessive. I would imagine that the drinking problem and moodiness is a result of the accident that handicapped him. That would be hard to take. I would imagine that you being in his life could really help with that. However, seeing that he is already moody and prone to have a temper, this wonderful friendship could turn a bit ugly if he feels jealous and/ or hurt by you. This has potential for a good living arrangement to turn uncomfortable. But maybe not.

    It looks like you've addressed this issue in your response to Verndana, and have at least bridged the subject with him. I just hope you are both on the same page with where this is going before living together.

  • Hi Dreamer North, Well, alot has happened since my last post. He got in trouble for drinking and being loud where he lives. I met him about 6 months ago and he initially wanted to get married. He can not be without someone (mentally.) Feels abandoned. So, he starts from the top up. I start from the bottom up, meaning I have to get to know people first. I found out yesterday, from a close friend to him that he has been in and out of treatment centers. That doesn't change my feelings for him. I just know that he can't stop once he starts. That's good to know because I didn't realize that before (I should have.) He is an exceptional artist. I draw also. The therapist I talk to sometimes said we get along because he are both right-brained. But, anyway, I feel totally comfortable w/him. You are right in discussing things w/him. I'm going to have to talk w/him in length. Will probably end up putting him in treatment. He wants me as his guardian. If I do, will make it clear, a couple of slips will not be good. Thing is, I knew he was going to come into my life about 2 wks before he did.

  • If it is a relationship you want, accept him as he is. Guardian? Does not sound like he is menatlly incapable? Treatment will not work unless he chooses it, believe me I know. Go back and read your own posts and think about it. If its good friendship respect him and there is nothing wrong with helping someone, if they want help. Good luck to you.

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