Can anyone tell me why I am smiling???

  • I have been experiencing a strong feeling that a great surprise is about to happen! My husband keeps asking me what I am smiling about..and I cannot answer as I don't have an answer. I just KNOW something very big and GOOD is about to happen SOON. It is so strange as I have been experiencing a great deal of stress and pressure for so long this feeling is definitely unusual and doesn't fit my situation. I have experienced a tremendous amount of intuition and perhaps some psychic ability but usually that is in relationship to other people and not myself. I am just trying to go with the flow and not question it but that isn't my nature either...Can anyone get a read on why I am so happy when nothing has changed?

  • The whole planet's vibrations are changing and being uplifted with positive energy at the moment. So that is probably what you are feeling during this time of Ascension.

  • Thank you Captain! Perhaps you are right but shouldn't everyone be feeling more peaceful and happy? Are certain people more sensitive to the Ascention? I appreciate your input and awareness very much. ~Blessings~

  • Ascension is about change and not everyone is happy with change. Many people fear it and are fighting it, even if it is for the better. Those that open themselves to and welcome in the new energy will be sensitive to it, but some other people want to bury their heads in the sand and hope it will all go away so they can stay in their 'safe' but dull little rut.

  • Captain! You are so right. A light bulb went off in this pea brain of mine when you mentioned CHANGE! It dawnwd on me one of the reasons I am feeling more positive and happy right now is because of YOU! I am participating in your "Dream Challenge". I am trying to live my dreams instead of waiting for my dreams to happen! I am acting out my life as if the dream has taken place. Wow! Is that really the primary influence here.....I think it is definitely influencing this new emotional state of mind....I can't thank you enough Captain! ~Everything beautiful Captain~

  • 🙂 Positivity is all you need to make things flow.

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