Sag/Leo triangle w Scorpio Witch

  • I am a female sag and have been in a relationship with my Leo for 3 1/2 yrs. We get along famously and have a wonderful easy going time and fun together. About a year ago a female Scorpio from his past entered the picture and came in and decided she wanted him and tried to hook him and quickly wanted to get married etc. This caused us to break apart because of her actions and games to make me think he was unfathful and get rid of me., and it worked because I wasnt going to put up with that shit. He and I never stopped interacting thru it all and he eventually told her to get lost. All this year we have gotten back close again and even closer this time have had a wonderful summer. Until abut 2 months ago Here she came again and in the same manner starting with an email to me that she was back in the picture . She has played the same games on facebook and the same exact situation as before. Claiming she is with him , when I know for fact he was with me, etc. Told me she wasnt stopping till she gets him to the white church. all total Bullshit as this is MY boyfriend. Once again her games caused me to attack him when I really knew he was being honest for sure this time. We are broke up again because of this and I cant take no more . He wants to keep working it out, but the bitch wont go away. To all Scorpio women ..What the hell is she playing? to get back the sting or what? and Leo men? whats the deal? who is going to be your choice, the SAG or the S!@$%^ I am broke up as for now. and had enough

  • Obviously your guy hasn't made it clear enough to this woman that he wants her to go away. He does want her to go away, doesn't he? This is more about him than her. If he is brutally straight with her and breaks all contact, she will get the message. But Leos do tend to love their fans and admirers...and Sags have a problem with letting go, even if the relationship is a bad one.

    You need to worry about him, not her. Tell him that he needs to put this woman straight about his situation or else. If he stands strong and really wants you and he to work, then this woman should not be able to break you two up.

  • Yes he wants to work things out with me and I have told him to cut all ties with her or Im gone. I understand it isnt easy to do when you have been friends for a long time. But his family has told me that she just shows up at his place unannounced and pretty much does what she wants. I know at the end she was constantly calling right while I was with him. My Keen psychic of several years has told me about her and that she is controlling and pushy and violent. She has emailed me with stalking and threats . The reason Im posting this tho is I want to know from some scorpio women why she is doing this? I have never known a scorpio that Im aware of and after reading some about them I can see where a lot of the issues are there but why would someone be so freaking determined to destroy another persons relationship. It got to the point where I am ready to put this witch in the hospital. Thanks

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