Streak of bad luck, can universe be telling me something?

  • I've been dating this man for 6yrs. He is 11yrs older than me and was in an almost 40 yr marriage when we met. He, like I've heard b4 by other men, told me his marriage had ended yrs prior to our meeting, it's just neither had put forth effort to do the paper work, but, his wife seemed VERY HURT and upset after finding out about me. She is the one that ended the marriage. This man owns several properties. 10mos ago, I moved in to an apt blding he owns thinking I would be taking some stress off him by managing this blding for him. It's been NOTHING but disastrous. The very first person I rented an apt to terrorized the entire blding and aft verbally assaulting me with a clinched fist, I filed a complaint, had him arrested, and he was barred from being in blding except to remove his belongings. We've had sev lawsuits filed by him since, which most are settled now, without him winning a case. The man I've been dating, which like I said, owns blding also, is also a contractor and does jobs redoing kitchens, bthrms, etc for usually gov. owned apt complexes. So, shortly aft moving here, he had completed a kit. job @ an apt complex and had his crew stored the used cabinets, in an unused storefront that is the first half of the blding that is attached to the 2nd half, which is my apt. Those cabs. brot in to store also brot in BUGS!! What kinds or how many diff. ones, I don't have a clue, but, him doing that has created horrible probs for myself and the entire blding! He's brot in exterminators, we've sprayed ourselves, I've put out poison, and I've did MANY different ideas to get rid of something thats possibly impossible!! Being underneath 6 other apts., I've had disaster after disaster rain down on me from the apt above. Recently, I fell on some icy fire escape steps that lead to some of the upstairs apt. I thot I had broken my left leg, but dr said x-rays shown it only bruised completely to the bone, but, I had HUGE hematoma of sev discolorations on lower left shin and one on back of right lower calf d/t the way I fell! Recently I've started breaking out terribly and have sores on my face, in my head and on my legs mainly! This time the dr. without even culturing or doing bloodwork said it was my nerves. Yes, my nerves are a MESS, but, the breaking out IS NOT d/t nerves!! Anyway, this is just a few of the disasters that have happened since me moving here!! The man of 6yrs and I have turned on each other so horribly I hardly recognize either of us!! Anyone that may possibly read this,,,,could you please give me your ideas as to whether you think the universe is trying to tell me to end it all with this man, the blding has bad carma or energy, or whatever your ideas might be!! I'm literally at my wits end and feel so helpless as to what is going on, how to stop it, or what to do??? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

  • Hi TA, Have you ever managed a business. I don't want to be judgmnental. I think you can probably venture out on your own and now would probably be a good time for it. I think you ought to end this relationship. Consider it a lesson learned. This is my read on this.

  • Hi Tessanne,

    Whether you stay in the relationship or not is up to you. It isn't for anyone else to judge.

    The universe certainly doesn't judge us.

    However, i do feel you need to get out the building. The negative energy is probably the 'hatred' and anxiety of the mans wife and her friends and family being directed at you. For obvious reasons.

    If this marriage comes to an end, you may have to move out anyway if there are lawsuits made against him. I feel very strongly, you need to find your own place which has nothing to do with him. If it works well between you, then he can come to you if he loses his material gains.

    If it doesn't go well, at least you have a place to live. Perhaps that's the warning. Self preservation is not being selfish.

    Hope this works out for you but try to send some positive energy and peace to all situations and ask that the outcome will be the best for ALL concerned.

    Verdana 🙂

  • OKAY TAKE THIS FOR WHAT IT IS WORTH.... I started reading and stopped and scrolled to the end... I can totally relate. 3 Years ago I was in a simular spot.... I felt that everything in the word was telling me to run, but my heart told me to hang on. There was a crazy 2 years in there, but now I have a daughter who is beyond complete joy and my lovers undying devotion and we are now married. Follow your heart, it is always right, trials are not always road maps for the future, sometimes they just are put there to make sure you are really wanting to get where your going. Only your heart can tell you if you are up for the ride.

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