Shannon Day: May Can Do

  • This is a reposting of Shannon Day's Blog entry from May 15th, 2008 --

    Have you felt the stirring? Or perhaps the impetus to move forward? It is happening, especially in 2008, and in this motion, everyone is equal….

    By tapping into hindsight, we often make cumulative or calculated decisions. However, there is a visionary in the midst, as well as mercurial notions that phases out the edges of “what was”, to break the corners we often place ourselves in, like a wave that aches for the shore, crashing on the beach and then drawing back within. These are the moves we shall make as we set our sights on summer.

    The light is upon us. I always notice the quickening within my body as Solstice approaches. It almost seems that the longest day of the year starts a flurry of action until Fall. So much going on these months, yes? This is our time to prepare, to set our intentions for growth and make time for those issues that are dearest to us.

    We have an opportunity in the coming months to plumb the depths of who we are to create the betterment of the “self”. A “can do” attitude will prevail, and even if we falter, the long stretch of grace will lift us up in the end. Remember those things that meant the most to you when you were a child? (It is different for us all — entirely personal, and theoretically environmental. ) Recall that freshness as you breathe life into your realm of possibilities. There is magic there.

    Let go of cynicism. It is the the death of expression. To quote Pablo Picasso (loosely), “Ah good taste, it is the death of creativity”. How true, and how great! Let go of preconceived notions as you enter into this radiant season. Allow your light to shine like a star in the sky. Propose a gentle challenge to yourself while respecting others in the making. This will make for a rich and healthy summer, filled with satisfaction and ending in fulfillment. It starts today with your vibe… See your vision manifest in your world. Watch the sun rise or observe twilight to experience gratitude in your life (they both appear at forgiving times this season, and are lovely to behold.)

    Best of the best this May with much joy! Remember: “Yes We May!”

    -Shannon Day

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