Love is a Pain. Questions.

  • I have this life long friend, that I've known for 25 years of my life. My boyfriend at the moment is a Leo/Aries, and my friend is a Leo/Virgo. The thing is with my friend, as he is both of our friends, and band mate. The thing I am a continously wondering is, does my friend whom i've known for so long have feelings for me? I pick up on things that says he does, for instance like serenating me singing a love song too me, he does this alot when we play music together, not just that he is quiet protective of me and does not like it when other guys hit on me. He just has made no effort to express romantic feelings towards me though I have heard him say "I love you" and that is when he's a little tipsy, he knows I've had a crush on him all my life, I just don't know wether I need to be the one to tel him or if I should wait for him to tell me. The problem is though I don't want to ruin a friendship but I feel like this guy could possibly be my soul mate. As there is just way too much stuff to be concidental such as our likes, and dislikes, the way we thing, how he can read my mind quicker and better than my current boyfriend. He also hooked up me and my current boyfriend nine years ago, and in some way I feel if I leave my boyfriend I'll let him down, but at the same time he could be getting tired of waiting. I've also noticed his extreme bad luck with girls and how he has not been able to find one that is not fake, and wants to be interested in his life. But little does he know, there is a girl right here. Me. I just don't know what to do or how to deal with this, and I have this fear of rejection. By the way I am a Cancer/Libra/Libra rising if that helps with any of this, I just wonder how this guys feeels and if I should take the first step.

  • Yes, or youll never know.. Hes a Leo , of course you will have to be the one to do it. Good Luck, sounds great.

  • Well I have known the guy all my life, and these feelings for him have been cooped up inside me. I am just so scared to break the ice, and tell him. How do I tell him this? In person? Oh the phone? This is hard to decide, as I have a fear of rejection, sadly a big fear of it.

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