Shuabby: could you do a friendship reading?

  • Hey there! I've seen your responses around the forum and I would be very interested in hearing what you have to say regarding myself and a friend, if you'd be so willing! 🙂 He has unexpectedly, and very abruptly, cut off communication with me after going home for school (hundreds of miles away). We are very close, but after some attempts at re-establishing contact, he is still silent. Despite my confusion and unguided guilt (it is OH so strong but I don't know what exactly my offense was)...I would still like to know if he will ever tell me what is wrong? Will he come around? He is due back home for Thanksgiving (in about eight weeks)...will we be on the mend by then? Is it animosity, or apathy he feels towards me? Does he still care?

    I know these are a lot of questions...if you have any insight to any of them, it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you very very much!

    Him: July 15 1989

    Me: March 6 1987

  • Dear Tooalooyeaye,

    You feel like you have a strong personality at times and want things right now, not later ,or even have to take time to get it.

    He on the other hand is a slow mover in areas of the heart and love. I feel he is super busy right now and he has put his mind on school and what is required of him there. He may feel at this time he can not fullfill what you are asking of him , which is a deeper relationship.

    That is why he is slient with you. He does not want to hurt you yet he doesn't know how not to at this time. You need to just move forward with your life now and find that special man out there waiting just for you. I feel a man coming in named Jake and he will make you happier than you have been in some time. I do not feel you being married for awhile as there are some issues you need to work on and you know what they are. Joybugs are flying all around you , catch one and feel the joy it brings in the love department by November.

  • Hi Shuabby, I see your thread is closed?? Just wanted to let you know we are still playing the 'waiting game' regarding Markus's op BUT also wanted to tell you with all the donations I got THANK THE LORD!! we can now actually pay for 1 eye to be done.

    Will still keep you psoted and Markus just cannot wait!! He is just having some problems at work now and think the boss wants him to go and making live a bit difficult for him. Lif is sooo unfair at time dont you think?

    Anyway God Bless and will talk again

    Go well


  • Hello Yolanda,

    Thanks for the update and I feel before the new year Markus will have the operation and have the joy of sight. His boss is cranky at the moment as someone is unhappy with him perhaps family problems and he is going to work and taking it out on people there. This should pass soon and he will let up on the people around him. That is a known statement that Life Is Unfair and you have to know how to have joy within so that it does not bring you down into misery.

    My friend who lost her home and her and her daughter live in her Mothers old trailer, she wrote to me today and her daughter father loss his job and now she will not receive support payments until of course he gets another job. She keeps her chin up and the good fight also , she loves her daughter like you do your children and she is setting the example to not let life beat you down, but to swim with it and soon your out of the storm into the sunshine and happiness once again.

    Sunshine and Hope to you my friend

  • Hi Shuabby GOOD NEWS GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SORRY but all aroung me is happening so fast that I dont even have time to go onto the computer!!! Sorry about your friends predicament and yes all you can do is to be there for her and cheer her up and on not so? And to lose your home IS NOT A JOKE EITHER so we JUST DONT COUNT OUR BLESSINGS!!!! LIKE WE SHOUD!!! Well I wil also keepher in my prayers as the Lord listen to ours!!

    Shuabby Markus GOT HIS CORNEA!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 The op was done on the 5/10 and I just took him back to the doctor 6/10 and the doctor said EVERYTHING WENT FINE AND HE IS VERY HAPPY WITH MARKUS'S EYE IT IS LOOKING VERY GOOD!! I am the HAPPIEST MOTHER ALIVE!! The doctor and the aneathatist DID ALL FOR FREE!! And what nice people they made Markus feel sooooo special. I got the cornea for about R13750 (about $1850) and only had to pay part of the hospital cost. So I still have money for doing the other eye but only in 1 years time and now cannot wait! The doctor said Markus shd have about 70-80 % sight!!

    How awesome is that??? Can you just feel my joy? I have kept all the people that gave me donations up to date accordingly and even they cannot believe that I do that? Well they are all so surpriced that I let them know??

    I just said you took the time to do for me and I am now taking the time to let you know what you have done for my son?

    Anyway talk soon again thank you for keeping in touch I do realise that you are very busy.

    God Bless and tks for all your doing as well


  • Dear Yoland,

    Yessss, I could feel your joy and Markus too. I'm so happy for you both. Next year he will be a full sighted man and he will be even more happy if that is possible. You are such a wonderful woman Yolanda I feel it come right through this computer, and I know you have received this blessing as a reward for your wonderful spirit and love you give to others. You will continue to be blessed in ways most unexpected in the near future. Keep us updated.

  • Hi Shuabby, I can take a bit of time today to talk today, AND STILL EXITED INSIDE! Day 3 and Markus still fine THANK THE ALMIGHTY!! The doc said if there was a rejection we would have had symtems it by now, and the cornea Markus got was 1 of the nicest clear ones he has ever seen. I just feel so sad for the people who have lost a loved one to enable my child to see but then I also feel thankfull for them donating their loved one so that my child can see. But then I think, the Lord would not have made the doctors so clever to enable them to do so if it was not meant to be? Does it make sense? Yes I know I am just questioning (being human and thinking of all these things) BUT STILL, THIS WAS A VERY HUMBLE EXPERIENCE FOR ME. There is just NOT ENOUGH THANK YOU'S that can discribe the way a person feel.

    And then I have to also THANK YOU as you are the1 that kept me sane in all this and kept my spirits high! I am not 1 to show my feelings easily but writing to you made me feel so much better so you will also never know what it meant to me to be able to do so and I know you must be so busy and yes time does mean money as well, so a thousand thank you's to you as well. Your friend is lucky to have a friend like you - and if I may - SO AM I! ( are they ok now?) I sure hope so, as I also still have a lot of problems to sort out but as I always say, we will cross the bridge when we get there.

    Shuabby I talk to much !!! I know!! so thank you again for being there to talk God Bless and will sure keep in touch even just to say hello

    Have a wonderfull day


  • Hi Shuabby Its Saturday and we had to see the doctor for Markus - He says Markus's eye is looking beautifull and is healing so nice suprising over so little time but very happy with progress. Thank God. Only 4 days since having it done on Tuesday.

    I am just so happy, Markus just have to now look after it and have to see doc again on Thursday.

    OK have a lovely weekend just wanted to let you know.

    Talk again


  • Dear Yolanda,

    Yes it is human to question sometimes, as I am a donor myself, because I know I will be in heaven and what will I need my eyes for when someone else can see through them. Little do they know how beautiful my eyes truely are though. Yes, I do consider you a friend and thank you for asking me to become your friend. My long time friend is a strong lady and she has a lot of inner strength , but like you or me she needs someone to help her walk through the fires of life and I have been there with the fire extinguisher for her along the journey of life as she has been my good friend and there for me also. She is doing much better now, thanks for asking. I'm just as happy as a lark to hear how well Markus is progressing. Please give him a hug for me.

    Have a good evening.

  • Hi there, Gave Markus a big hug just said from someone far away, that has been praying and thinking about you. He still wants to know who, but you know some men they dont believe in phychics and torot and so on so whats the use of trying.

    OK so at least now I know you have beautifull eyes?? And thats about that?

    Well I am a white female 56 now on October 27, about 5ft 2, dark hair with piercing green eyes and they change with my moods (or so everyone says) when I'm cross they very green, when I'm mello they are bit green/greyish when I cry they become like a hazel green. A good sense of humour I think. My hobbies are (when I have the time!!!) sewing, reading,painting, restoring old furniture, baking but also a good cook (so everybody tells me), grew up in an orphnage as my dad passed when I was 2 and mom when I was about 9. We were a family of 11 but only 6 remaining and unfortuanatly not very close so 'my' family is my everything. I have 2 girls 37 and 36, 2 boys 35 and then Markus 20. 5 Grandchildren 16, 10, 8, 2 and 1. I stay at home now and have more than a lot to keep me busy!! I love talking to old people as you can learn sooooo much from them. And I sometimes feel soo sorry for some of them as their children never visit, and they look so forward to see you and its sometimes an hour of your time? And here I sometimes wish I still had a mother and had to fend for myself from the age of about 5 when I went to the orphanage as my mom was very sickly and could not take care of us ( she died of cancer )

    About a year ago I stopped working (not by choice) but the co. I worked for went into liquidation and as I have developed 'narcolepsy' , well going for a job interview people are a bit ignorant and think you want to move a bed into the office and you sleep allllll day 🙂 So when you see jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk llaaaaaaaaaaaaaa you know I have fallen asleep hahhahaha but luckily with the computer you can fix it when you wake up again! So I started learning about Internet Marketing but saddled ' i think ' a bigger horse than I can ride????? But determined!!! But its about time I start making money with it now but I dont know. 7 months ago I did not know where to switch the computer on!! So think not doing so badly BUT HAVE TO NOW GET SOMEWHERE or maybe wasting my time like everyone tells me. The only 1 is my husband that always says "You do what you need to do no matter what" I am lucky he is a very good man named Rudi, 2nd marraige and Markus's dad.

    So now you know something about me!

    Anyway better be going 2morrow Monday again so need to take it a bit easy BUT also have over 2000 e-mails so better delete some.

    Go well and God Bless


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