Does love make it all turn out?

  • Everything will always turn out. It may not always be they way you would wish it to, but it will always happen, Does love make that happen? No. Can it help you in the process? Yes. Love is like spices in a meal. You can eat your entrée, but it’s yummier with the right spices to flavour it. What makes your entrée yummy is up to you, but the spices alone cannot sustain you like the meal can. In fact, if you attempt to replace the actual food with flavour only, you will not satiate your hunger and eventually find the flavour to be bitter.

    To stray from metaphor, you are what makes it all turn out. The love you have will make you stronger, if it is supposed to, but it cannot fix things by itself. Everything will always be alright, if you want it to be. –You just have to want it to be & then get to work making it so!

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