Does love make it all turn out?

  • Or can life just throw you such a curveball it crashes and burns - and what about the love that remains? New post on my blog @ Would love to get your feedback!

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  • Does that mean that some of us are on a bland diet? 🙂 TD

  • I beleive that if it doesn't work out that if it is true love the love left makes us strong enough and love the other person enough to let them go. And the person that we love stays a part of us forever. After 4 years the Pisces that I (the Taurus) loved had become so abusive that the only way to save my life was to leave but after 20 years my heart still feels that if he would find me to ask me to come back I would leave my entire life behind and go back to him. I do believe in true love and in soul mates.

  • TLB,

    I agree, the loves in our lives play part in who we become, for sure.

    As far as your Pisces from the past is concerned, you may have sweetened the memories you have [time being the wound healer] or have a different perspective now, as you have lived more, which could factor into your willingness to “leave your life & go back to him”. 20 years is long enough to skew anyone’s perspective. When you say leave your life, have you been in a long-term relationship most of the last 20 years? If so, it probably hasn’t been abusive, which makes it less work & thusly less concentration. My dear Taurus, you have the ability to love your focus. If something or someone isn’t commanding that focus, your interest will eventually fade. –Not as quickly as your Gemini sister, but it will happen. You have the intellect to allow for the possibility of your Pisces love affair’s similarity to itching a scab, yet like a scab, it sometimes feels so good to scratch it, even when you know it is starting to bleed. So, you may realize it was merely a time when your feelings were more intense, and you miss the intensity. If that’s really the case, you don’t have to open old wounds. You just have to reacquaint yourself with the things you fell in love with your “life” instead. I’d be willing to bet your (being a Taurus) passion is infectious enough to rekindle, at the very least, your hope. Enjoy what you have because you enjoy it. -Or you wouldn’t have it, right? Please forgive me if you feel I am out of line for responding, because you didn’t ask. I just couldn’t help but think you might appreciate the reminder.

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