Captain,update on my situation from work

  • hi captain,

    i wrote earlier about a scorpio female at work,and you said it wouldnt go well if i got involved with said she had a predatory side.

    i have stepped back and have ceased flirting with her.

    but i feel i might have started a battle that might quickly escalate.for example,im not the only male in the work place,as there is another co worker who is a scorpio as well.this can get really messy.should i tell the scorpio female flat out that i think shes been flirting with me,and that i want nothing from her.or should i continue to do what i have been doing?she is very charasmatic,but i feel its only a facade,and she might use that to get people to go against i too paranoid??whats going on here??

  • Just be polite to her but not overly friendly. Don't give her any reason to think you either like or don't like her. Don't confront her about her behaviour. Just be neutral if you can and don't arouse her suspicion or anger as she can be very vindictive and revengeful. If she ever actually comes on to you, say that you are already seeing someone.

  • thanks captain i really really appreciate it.

    thanks for having the time to hear all of our problems on this board and giving us a metaphysical answer for all of them.

    thank you once again.

  • No worries! 🙂

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