Shuabby would you be so kind as to give me your insight?

  • Deaar Quenkath,

    In reaching into and connecting to your energy I feel that you would do well with communications working in counsling or in an environment like occupation therphy. You are still young enough to venture into these job fields.The real question here is what to you really like to do? Can it be turned into a business? You will be in a number 3 year in 2011 so you need to know that anything to do with communications will work well for you. Do you quilt? Do arts and crafts? this can be turned into a business venture with a partner in a small shop located in the north side of town. Don't let yourself get depressed as this will stop the wonderful abilities you have to give to others. The sun will shine on you soon in your career area. A tea and coffee shop with a reader and methaphysical offerings would work well for you too.

  • Hello Blackladydiva,

    You don't know the young woman that is mad at you because she is'nt. You are a smart intutitive woman that would pick up on anyone that comes at you with anger and you have not done so. Whoever told you this please dismiss it. In the meantime take a sea salt bath to cleanse yourself of any lingering negetive vibes so you'll be ready to go out for a lovely night on the town with some fun, warm joyful people.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hello Shuabby

    Thank You so much. I did not think there was a young girl that was upset with

    me I try to be nice to everybody. Thanks again. I won't be going out this week

    I have two papers for my class and my baby just when too the dentist today

    and he had his teeth worked on. And I have been runing around with my babies

    this week so I have to get caught up on homework. Not too much longer I will be

    finish in March with my BA in Criminal Justice and then in Sept I am going to start

    on My Masters. So not much going out for me till March I guess.

    Have a wonderful and bless week.


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