Shuabby would you be so kind as to give me your insight?

  • I am new and I am very interested in getting a reading from you since I have read some of your recent reponses and would be most appreciative if you could tell me everything you see for me with this man.

    my date of birth is June 17 1967 and my name is Lisa

    his date of birth is April 21 1965 and his name is James

    Thank you very much for your time, it is most appreciated.

  • Hi, IMl8213

    Lisa, James is like a really nice fitting shoe. He compliments you in several ways and on several levels. There is a nice communication of minds going on here also. He will be able to stimulate you with his words and thougths. He may be a bit lazy when it comes to taking out the trash, but will be a capable provider and best friend to the end for you.

    I feel like this is a flower in fresh bloom here, and you are like morning dew to him. Take on that dog if he wants you to honey as it means a deeper commitment is being ask for from you and I feel like you are a bit stand offish due to another whom you think about from time to time. Well honey don't flap around the chicken yard of the past and be afraid to fly like an eagle, because up high is where you belong.

  • Hello Shuabby

    How are you this evening. I was wondering can you do a general reading for me.

    My dob is 07-12-61. Thanks

    Blessing Illona

  • Dear Shuabby,

    I like the personal touch that you bring to your readings. Nice! I would like a relationship reading if possible. There is this guy that I am interested in and I feel he is interested as well although both of us have been hurt badly in the past and are being careful and cautious. We did meet on the internet although not a dating site. We live five hours away from each other although I am going to be two hours away from him the end of Oct. I have invited him to come and meet me and my friend that I will be staying with for the weekend. What is he thinking and will we meet

    one another and where do you see this friendship going? Thank you in advance for taking time

    to read for me.

    Love and Light

  • Hello Khemo,

    I get some hesitation from him for some reason. Fear most likely or something that he is uncomfortable with. You will have to work on him some more dear to overcome his hurt and move on. In the meantime do not put all your eggs in one basket which is really never a good idea. I feel you are recovering well from the past and want to move forward and make more than conversation on the internet. There is a man that feels like he is around you in a situation that may come forward and ask you out soon. He is a nice man, mature in his ways and has no emotional hang-ups that I can sense, let me know with updates on how this all turns out for you.

  • Dear lllona,

    I will give you some of what I feel for you in this new year coming in 2011. You will want to change almost everything around you, on a more personal level you will work on yourself and really honey can turn into quite a diva if you want that.

    You will move resident and it feels like a long distance from the one your now in. A house is what I see for you a small one no castle , but a nice home. Inside it will be yourself and a lover that Feels like is may not be a tall man in height , but no one can accuse him of being a short order in the love and devotion dept. Gregory is a name that is coming to me now. Shonna , These are people that will come into your life with the new year and help you.

    Does one of your children have an ear problem, feels like a boy to me, does he get dizzy? Have his ears checked if this problem presents itself in his life. I see a dog here kinda shaggy looking, this can mean two things, either you will get a dog like this, or dogs are very loving in unconditional ways and this is telling you to open your heart and mind more to love without all the conditons attacked to it.

    Love to You Dear

  • Dear Shuabby,

    Thank you for the quick response. You stated you feel someone around me and will soon ask me out could you please give me a little more info on this guy. Thanks again.

    Love and Light

  • Hello Khemosable,

    He is a man of character and a good one. He feels good in his own skin and will make you just glow when you are with him. What will be casual at first will turn into the possible love of your life. How will you meet him? Through a friend or in a group of people at a fuction you will attend. He has a T in his name.

  • Hello Shuabby

    Thank you so much. I was just wondering how do you know that I was just talking to my son about moving some where else just about a hour ago. And my little one did suffer with ear infections for a long time and then they just stopped. So that could be the one that you are talking about I do have a 13 year old so I will watch both. Because they are ages 8 and 13. Well I don't have a dog but that probably would be that I need to open myself up more. Thanks so much and you are awesome


  • Shuabby,

    Hey, Nice To See you still around, Your Patience & Understanding with people

    is really Amazing.. Many Blessings to your Spirit.

    I would love some insight from you about the second half of this year for

    me, should I expect any new changes with work, love & ect.

    Ive been preaparing myself for some HUGE changes,

    would very much appreciate your insight on the second half of the year for me

    which is so blurry. Im not sure Whats Next for me, lol.. For the first time in a long time,

    Thanks In Advance Girl, Blessings.

  • Dear Shuabby...

    Hello...I'm glad you're still here!!! YAY!!!

    I've been doing a lot of thinking about the guy I've been speaking to (sort of)... I'm confused, I know maybe I shouldn't be. But, it's my understanding that he maybe Just wants a friend. I'm not seeing or feeling so much interest from him. So, i'm going to go with the flow of things. He sent me a txt yesterday saying "this humidity stinks" LOL - what is that? i'm glad he's txt'n me and staying in touch - but when you like someone don't you want to spend time with them, he has yet to ask to see me again.. unless he's just trying to get more of a feel for me, my humor? or not interested in a girlfriend yet....just a complaints thou... 🙂

    I don't expect you to answer me, you've told me so much already. This is the only place I can get my feelings out...knowing other people are also going thru similar situations.

    peace & love 182

  • Update...

    He took me on a date Saturday night, I had a wonderful time as I think he did too. Things are still unclear, but i'm hoping things work out.

    I hope you're well...

    luv 182

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  • Hello Quenkath,

    What is your DOB and in what area is your most concern for the new year?

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  • Hello shuabby

    I have a question there seem too be a young women that is angry and resents me could you tell me do you see this and is this somebody that I know. Wow I did not know that any body was angry with me.

    Thanks so much Illona

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