Will someone HELP ME figure out what I need to do to return back to the LIGHT???

  • My best friend died suddenly of congestive heart failure. She died on a Sunday;but was supposed to move in with me on wed. I have mourned her death for almost a year now! I loved her dearly. She originally was my teacher, until the day she she told me, "I am now her equal". I have tried to continue on with my studies, but have difficulty doing so. My abilities are still stronger then ever, I feel her around me frequently; but yet, nothing. I know i need to move, but not sure where? Captain, CAN YOU PLEASE, HELP ME....???

  • You don't need anyone's help, like your friend told you. She left so that you would not depend on her any more. Time to use your intuitive gifts and stand on your own feet, SpiralDancer. Return the favour to your friend for all the help she gave you - she is watching you and sending her blessings and support. You are still blocked by grief and confusion so you can't feel her around you. Become a mentor yourself to those who are lost and in need of help like you once were. You are the teacher now - trust in what you have learnt and accept the responsiblity of becoming a guide and wise one.

    You actually are standing in the light - you just have to stop looking down at the ground and look up...

  • Hi, You may in time get some sign and you will know it's her. I believe that you have the light and strength within yourself to do what you need to. Your still in the grieving process. Try to set goals for yourself and don't feel bad when you feel bad. Don't be hard on yourself remembering that you must go on. Myself, this is one day that I feel like just blowing off.

  • Hi again, I'm glad my computer didn't shut down because I wanted to add something. When we connect with someone whether a teacher, a psychic, a friend etc. It's hard to let go. One of the struggles that I've had to face in my life is doing things alone. I used to dread it. The more responsiblities placed on you the worse it can be sometimes. Experiencing negative people can worsen it to. I probably felt most alone while in school. I finally came out of this after finishing school and accomplishing things and succeeding on my own. I can relate to what your experiencing right now. Realize that you are very capable and I wish you much happiness.

  • Thank you Captain, you're right! I guess I just needed someone to remind me of that fact! I have aquired a lot of knowledge since I was four years old; leading up to the time I actually found a teacher (my best friend). Yes, I have been looking down; still grieving I guess. I know you are correct though, she does want me to stop! It is part of my destiny to help others who need guidance. Thank you for all you said. God Bless.

  • Thank you Dalia. I appreciate your help. Letting go is the part I am having the most difficulty in. Working by myself, I've done all my life. As far as negative persons, I do not allow them to enter my energy field. It just bounces off. That is something I had to learn how to Master a very, very, long time ago;since I am sooooo susceptable to outside energies! But I do know what you mean! Also, you are correct, I AM EXTREMELY HARD ON MYSELF; I expect nothing but perfection in anything that I have mastered!!! Dalia, thank you again for answering it means a lot to me. God Bless.

  • Sprialdancer if you pick up a heavy rock and hold it in one hand hold both arms out and when the rock gets so heavy we can not hold it any more we drop it and we are re leaved that the burden was lifted but we are not holding the rock any more so we feel loss .

    The rock did not change it is still the same rock what was lost, was the burden of the weight of the rock not the rock So you see you didn't lose a Teacher, the Teacher gained a student and that Teacher is every where just stop and look ,look in the mirror and you will see her .Love freely give i give to you Tooter

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