Can a reading on a Sag be wrong?

  • I have a question. One man in my life's birthday is 11/26/72 and the other's is 11/30/58. If I ask for a reading on one, can the information you see be confused with the other because of the closeness in days? Though they are both Sags, their mannerisms can't be any further apart., I need to figure out which man I'm supposed to be with

  • The fact of the different years would make a difference in astrology. According to their numerology also, the first is a 29/11 personality and the second is a 28/10/1.

    The first is an inventive, artistic, creative type who is more at ease intellectually - he is uncomfortable with emotions because of his extreme sensitivity. He can be a workaholic who may be more devoted to his craft or career than to people and relationships. He sets very high standards and expectations for himself and everyone else. His image means a lot to him and he is always acutely aware of how he appears to others. What he wants most is to find a place where he can feel safe, protected, adored, and nurtured - somewhere he feels he truly belongs. His biggest weakness is dependence - the desire to be taken care of.

    The second man has leadership potential - once he learns to like responsibility and to stand on his own feet by putting his insecurities and neediness behind him - and very service-oriented. He loves travel to far-off places and has integrity and sensitivity, but can lack diplomacy and may be overly competitive or debate-loving. He has a healthy sexuality and can have many affairs throughout his life, often preferring a mainly solitary existence. He can be very demanding of his partners, insisting on getting what he wants when he wants it and he doesn't always know what's best for him. But he does have a strong need for close intimates in his life. What he wants most is to be his own person, to be the centre of attention, to experience different life situations, and to be surrounded by energetic and giving people. His biggest weakness is selfishness.

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