What can i do in my relationship

  • I have a guy call SEUN, i love him with all my heart and he's the one and only one i want to call my husband but it's like his having another relationship with another woman that i don't know off. I just can't let go of him,becoause he his the only man i have ever love. Seun, in the look of thing is like he does not have any fellings for me or let just say he does not know what he want from me. I asked him to come to my Birthday perty but he was not there, there are so many things he as done to me but still i love him, i don't know how to stop loving him or how to let go of him. I must say that i don't have any other guy apert from him, yes guz do come but i just can't help it but to turn them off. Pls help me out of this madness called love that am into, thanx. keffi.

  • Sometimes the best way to love someone is to set them free. It's not the easiest thing to do,but as time goes on you'll see your blessings and learn a valuable lesson for future romances.

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  • .... and just for the sake of argument- in the situation described above- the best thing to do is to let the man involved have a say not to make up the words for him with your confused understanding. How about -that man already confessed his love? What you got to say then?

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