Need Help with 10 of cups

  • I did a new relationship reading on a guy I just met. I'm having a hard time figuring out how to deal with the 10 of cups as an obstacle. Not really sure if this a positive reading or not. There are certainly a lot of pentacles popping up.

    First card top left : How you see yourself 7 of pentacles

    Second card top right. : How you see your partner Knight of Pentacles

    Third card middle left : How you feel about your partner The Sun

    Forth card in the center : Present situation or challenge of the relationship 2 of pentacles

    Fifth card middle right : What stands between you and your partner. 10 of cups

    Sixth card bottom left : How your partner sees you. The magician

    Seventh card bottom right : What your partner feels about you. The Knight of swords

    So I kinda read this as me having apprehension about the relationship (7 of pentacles) yet I feel that he is something great (the sun), and is stable, hard-working, and totally trustworthy (knight of pentacles) despite being younger than me. Since we just met, we are balancing out and adapting to each other (2 of pentacles). He see me as being someone able to make things happen (magician) and as one of action and frankness (knight of swords).

    The 10 of cups is really throwing me - it's supposed to be a very positive card. How can that be what stands in the way? Am I completely off base with the rest of my reading. I'm still really new at this.

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  • I think you are dead on with that last one. Thanks again!

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  • I understand. I think it's funny that the thing I want is the thing that's in the way.

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