Scorpio Broke up with me!

  • Thank you so much for responding, i sought advice from someone else on here, but was hoping to hear from you since youve been so accurate and helpful! You're right, we wouldn't be happy together the way things were. So I cannot contact him, I have to wait for him to contact me? Do you see this happening? I also have mixed feelings about staying friends with his sister and I'm not sure why, I think maybe because part of me feels that it could harm any chance I have with either a relationship or friendship with him. Do you see anything like that happening? The only hard part for me to accept is if he won't be in my life in the future. Part of me feels like he will come back and part of me feels like he won''s frustrating. What do you mean by keeping the issues in the open? Thanks again

  • I was wondering too, you said its November and everything would come to a head, does that mean this month is when I'll/we'll figure it all out? According to his sister he has no intentions of contacting me or missing me, she says he just says" I don't want to talk about it" if she brings up my name. But then she also said she "has no idea what he is really thinking", she's just guessing based on the fact that she knows him well, obviously. Or is it just a matter of patience? I know I'm very impatient and working on that. But if he doesn't contact me this month, is that my cue to never contact him again, and move on in a way...? Also, outside of my love life, do you see anything that is happening in the future. I'm trying to figure out a career and such and have trouble because there are so many things I could do and want to do with my life.

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