A Sickening feelings...please someone help

  • My boyfriend is always getting sick and usually i dont get worried cuz i know he'll be ok. hes had pbnamonia and everything. but for some reason i woke up today and i have a sickening feeling that something bad is going to happen to him. then i message him in the morning and get a response of him telling me hes sick once again. this time something definatly does NOT feel right. Can someone please give me a reading on whats going on?

  • Has he been to the doctor to get checked out? That should be his first move.

  • hes always at the doctors...he has to go under an I.V 3times a week because he has a very very weak immne system and he gets sick way to fast and it takes alot of time from school this time is just scaring me...;captain i care so much for him i really do idk whats wrong will he be ok???? his name is Seung Su Kwan and his birthday is March 5, 1994 if that helps...

  • oh i almost forgot..i just wana know how this relationship will go ive shaped up to love myself and i care for him as hes not once lied to me so i know he cares as well i just want to know if its possible that we can last or where things will go?

  • I feel your friend 'uses' his continual illness as a way of protecting himself from a world of which he doesn't like the harsh reality. He really wants to be left alone by most of humanity and allowed to live in his own little fantasy world. He will never get to the stage of being deathly ill but he will 'allow' himself to be just sick enough that people don't hold him to be too responsible and that he gets a lot of help through his life. Of course, this is all subconscious stuff, but in a way it makes him happy not to have to do all the things that 'normal healthy' people have to cope with. His illness gives him an excuse to opt out of normal duties and work so he can dream his life away. The more he remains ill, the more he will grow to see its 'advantages'.

    You do like the passive dreamy guys, don't you? I guess their nature is so different to yours that it is intriguing to you - or maybe you just feel very protective of them. You two share an interest in aesthetic experiences like music, theatre, art and design. Your friend can often sink into depressive states so he will need your positive outlook. You like his deep thinking and imagination and he in turn can have a directing influence on your more spontaneous and dynamic energies. You both will need to learn to stand aside rather than intrude on each other's moods however. Your friend can sometimes be turned off by your energy, ambition, and noisiness and you might find him far too oddball and inwardly focused to get involved with. Acquaintanceship or a partnerhsip in shared activities may be the closest you two can get to each other.

  • itf funny how your more legit than a psychic ive met face to face. T.T why cant there be more out there like you 😧 your right but hey he wanted to be with me im usually just loud when im sad. he says he enjoys the energy but i dont think he knows why im like this. i think we should have a day and open up just to undertand one another more cuz im actually a very calm person just i dont like showing him or anyone else that im sad inside.

  • It would actually help your friend to let him know that you get sad. He gets depressed a lot and it would make him feel better to know he's not alone in feeling bad at times.

  • captain your always on point and always right. so when i see him im going to talk to him face to face that way he can see there are times i want to cry my eyes out and that ive been through to much for my age. i think maybe it would bring us closer deffinatly. if i wer to just say it online or by phone he wont understand fully so next time i see him. hes suppose to come for thanks giving break but will he come for sure? i believe so but ill be so sad if he doesnt hes the only one i can relate to now a days lol

  • He's not feeling too well and may think he can't make it. His sickness = how scared he is of the real world. I told you he would get used to being ill. You need to tell him how much you want him to come, convince him.

  • i will deffinatly tell him how much i want him to come! 😧 shoot my mom even said he can stay over i know itd be so epic! i have convincing skills so im hoping he will.

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