Newbie need interpretation of reading

  • The question Love

    situation: two of cups

    opportunities: queen of cups

    advice: knight of wands

    daily lesson: page of swords

    near future: page of cups

    Can someone please interpret this reading for me? Thank you.

  • Okay, this is just one opinion posted here. Overall the cards warn you on how you are approaching the situation thus far. They say you are needing to look at the reality of your situation.

    Two of cups tells me there is a relationship here, friendship, might be on the verge of romance.

    Your opportunity is to approach the situation in an emotional way where you care for the person and are sensitive to his needs. There is a gentle, caregiving way about this queen.

    Your advice is to understand that water and fire are two very different elements and perhaps, if this reading is about a man, you must find a way to blend your personality with his. He may come off as "rough" in nature, i.e., may act too quickly for you, has a dominant quality, and may be a little insensitive at times. If it is not a man, then the situation requires altogether a balancing of the two qualities, water and fire respectively.

    You daily lesson is patience of the mind, where you are observant and intelligence gathering without being obvious in going about it. Learn all you can so you can problem solve effectively.

    Your near future tells me that you may find yourself day dreaming more than carrying out your plans into reality. There is a need to get down to the facts and understand how much you can about your situation and how much you really want to make it happen.

    Thank you for letting me read for you.

  • Thank you Espearite!

  • Welcome 🙂

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