Libra&Scorpio Couple - What's your take?

  • I’ve been researching compatibility for Libra-Scorpio pairings. Haven’t found anything that expressly recommends against it, but most descriptions advised caution/were lukewarm to encourage this union. This is confusing since the main man in my life is a Scorpio and I am a Libra female. We’ve been married happily for eight years and have had obstacles that I consider normal for any couple. There is one other great love in my life that is also Scorpio.

    One reason I get on with Scorpios may be the fact that I’m a rather atypical Libra. In fact I have many Scorpionic tendencies. I’m a brooder, very intense, extremely secretive, and I have the urge to probe into dark, scary and uncomfortable territory. I’m also introverted – definitely not the socialite Libran butterfly. I do value balance and harmony but only after I’ve overcome the necessary storms.

    Reading around, Scorpios tend to intimidate some, and I find that perplexing. Besides one Aquarius they’ve been the only men bold enough to approach me by just being themselves, and thus they've kept my interest & respect.

    I’d mostly like to hear from other Libra females who have dated Scorpio males LT or ST. What were your experiences? Please be blunt.

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