Prayers. please?

  • I've lost my job. I was laid off today. I have applied and applied and applied for jobs and no one seems to be hiring. I'm going to be homeless and I have a lot of student loan debt. And it's getting cold.

    I could just use some good vibes right now.

    Thanks, y'all.

  • Don't give up hope, things happen maybe God is directing you on another path. Keep Faith and keep trying, get all the resources you can at community agencies. Hope someone gives you some help fast! 🙂

  • probablyflashy,

    I am so sorry to hear of your circumstance and believe me I can relate, I'm in the same boat myself. Keep applying. Seek whatever help you can find, check with the local churches, all the community agencies in your area. Pray on it. I know that seems so futile but you cannot allow yourself to lose your faith along with all the other struggles. Know that we will pray for you too and hope the right circumstances open up for you to guide you to something better, to relieve your stress, to give you hope for a prosperous future. Remember you are not alone so it's not you! I'll be praying for you. Take care.

  • Thank you all so much and bless all of you.

    I've got a job interview later this morning.

    Sending out tons of gratitude and love......!

  • Sending much Universal loving energies your way for this to go well for you!! 🙂


  • get yourself on the thread for asking for abundance, it is on the divination page.

  • Dear Probablyflashy,

    Im sorry to hear of your difficult circumstances

    here is the prosperity, healing and abundance thread link please come and have a look

    and leave your deails there for sheila (my journey) she is doing the list .

  • Such good eggs! 🙂

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