Could I have a Past LIfe reading please?

  • Hi! I was wondering if somebody could do a Past LIfe reading for me please. This is something I've been told to look into but I'm still a bit hesitant about going for a regression... If anybody could help I'd be really grateful.

    Love & light xx

  • Nickolbee,

    do a Past LIfe reading for me please: in a past life you have been a magician.

    He created all things and watching over them, he also gave them greatness.

  • A way...seriously!?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Nickolbee,

    A way...seriously!? No, just kind of, it is your male part, which is now your unconscious part.

    But you are unaware of this phenomenon. You find such

    talk very strange because you don't believe in what you

    haven't experienced, because this is outside the realm

    of ordinary experience. But I say, if you haven't

    encountered this experience, you should think about it

    and try again. You should review your life, especially

    the chapter on s-ex, from ABC. S-ex should not only be an

    instrument of pleasure, it should also be a means of

    spiritual elevation.

  • Thanks so much Hanswolfgang!

  • Nickolbee,

    "Was you ever in love, Dusty?" asked Walker Long of

    old Dusty Rhodes one day as they were picking up and

    putting them down on a railroad right-of-way.

    "Yeah, once when I was a young squirt, I was in

    love," answered old Dusty.

    "Well, you never did get married, did you?" pursued

    Walker Long.

    "Nope, I never did marry," vouchsafed old Dusty.

    "How did that happen?"

    "Well, it was like this. The gal I was in love with

    wouldn't marry me when I was drunk, and I wouldn't

    marry her when I was sober."

    Awareness has its own ways.

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