URGENT: For Captain or anyone that can do a reading for me please

  • I am having a really difficult time right now with certain negative entergies that are blocking me from happiness and succeeding. I am filled with frustration, doubt, confusion, and just lost at the moment. Captain, or anyone that could help with a quick reading for me, please help me and give me advice??? Thanks

  • You realise that you are the cause and source of your frustration, doubt and confusion, don't you? So what you have the power to cause, you also have the power to remove. If outer negativity and bad circumstances are in your life, it is a direct cause of your own negative thinking. We attract to us what we give out.

    If you want things in your life to change, first you must change your thinking and attitudes. If you think things are just getting worse and worse, then they will. If you focus on things getting better and better, then they will do that too.

    Instead of climbing out of bed every morning with a feeling of dread, laugh out loud and jump up, believing that the world is a good and happy place and that everything you want can be yours. And so it will be.

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