You want me to do what?!!!

  • Here we go again, the third Pisces male com'n at me (why?), really don't want to be bothered with them. This guy after a second date this week suggested that I take him out to this really swank club, and then is persistent on asking me to sleep with him (what a jerk). He knows I am not working and even if I was, why would I do that? Tell ya what I am going to do. I am going to take my best friend there and have a good time. Forget about him.

  • Virgoagogo,

    why? because of you tensions in your throat. They cage-in yourself in your identity.

    why would I do that? because of your tricks and double bottom. You´ve got everything, but you don´t know what everything is.

    Father Fumble, the newly ordained priest, goes for

    some practical Catholic experience with his teacher,

    Father Fungus.

    The two priests sit together inside the confessional

    box of the Sacred Virgin's Chapel, and listen to all

    the crimes against God Almighty.

    "I have fornicated with two strange men this week,"

    confesses Katie. "Please forgive me, Father."

    "You are forgiven, my child," says Father Fungus.

    "Just put forty dollars in the money box and say ten

    Hail Marys."

    "I have been adulterous with my neighbor," pleads

    Polly, the next sinner.

    "You are forgiven, my daughter," says Father Fungus.

    "Twenty dollars in the box and ten Ave Marias."

    "So," says Fungus to Father Fumble. "Do you get it?

    All the rates are written in this little book, and if

    you have any problems, I will be upstairs."

    Father Fumble sits alone in the confessional, and in

    comes the next customer.

    "Father," confesses Betty, "I have just given my

    boyfriend Boris a blowjob."

    "Blowjob?" says Father Fumble, thumbing through his

    book. "Blowjob?"

    Then he shouts upstairs, "Hey, Father Fungus! What do I

    do for a blowjob?"

    "Tell her to put ten dollars in the box," calls back

    Father Fungus, "and send her up here!"

    This you get perfectly well!

  • this time the four stars of censorship stand for: b l o w j o b

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