So i finally realized i was a victim ... help me please...

  • i have been defending my boyfriend to everyone.. well my ex... and now i realize i was just making excuses, he has never straight hit me, but he'll push me away hard if i try to hug him during an argument , etc.. i also reallized that he is extremely verbally and emotionally abusive!!! he started screaming and yelling at me yesterday in the car while we were up north visiting his grandmas.. (so i could clean her home, she has mobility issues) so i clean, and we decide to go into town... for some weird reason he gets mad at me!!! which is not new.... and freaks out on me totally, he kicks me out of the car on the highway... and drives off... i walk for about half an hour before (i beleive a living angel) very nice lady stops and picks me up!!! i have 20 dollars in my wallet, no socks on, and dirty clothes, a light sweater , and it was cold, and just my purse, all my other personal belongings left at his grandmothers, including my school books... i walked on the highway for so long and he never came back for me.. although hes a liar and claims he did!!!!

    so anyways venting aside, i recently found out i am pregnant, and i was wondering if someone could offer me insight...

    i have been wanting a child for a small while now, i am 27 years old, and not too bad off financially..

    and if need be i could and would do it on my own.. (i was so sure i couldnt have children, so imagine my surprise) and i am quite excited about it..

    whats in store for me and him ( i would never go back with him) since he made it very clear that he hates and despises me, told me i was disgusting! AGAIN!!!

    my dob is: aug 12 / 83

    and his is nov 18 / 82

    should i continue carrying the child.. or will this guy destroy me and my life if i keep it??

    i am soo stuck here... i would love to have a child.. but i wonder if i should just pass it up seeing as who the baby father is.. and when i told him he denied that hes the father, and that i am whore..

    i have never ever cheated on him ever!!!!

    could someone do a tarot reading, would numerology give me a picture, i know that these are not carved in stone, but i need guidance bigtime...

    will i miscarry this child like the three others, or will this one last.. should i have it....??? so many questions... and my mind feels boggled, i would consult my tarot cards, but he has them

  • I don't understand - you say you realise you are a victim but you are still asking if you will get back with your abuser, even if he is the father of your child? He doesn't even claim the child as his. Do you want your child to suffer his abuse too? If you are waiting for this abusive man to miraculously see the error of his ways and change, you will either wait for the rest of your life or he will kill you before you get to it. His abuse won't get better without treatment (he first has to recognise that he is an abuser) - it will just get worse.

    Wake up to reality and get out while you are still breathing...

  • You do realise how much this guy disrespects you, don't you?

  • i don not want to get back.. i should have made that clear... this is about my pregnancy and a future for my child...

    i am asking how that will play out... what the future has in store for me and my child!!!???

  • this is not about the guy because i will stay far away from that.. it is however, about the child,

    should i have it, will i miscarry it, is this pregnancy ment to be .. unlike the others...

  • But you gave your partner's birthdate which makes me think you still deep down hope to have a future with him. Are you even hoping a little bit that the baby will turn him into a better man and make him treat you good?

  • The best advice I can give you is to stay away from this guy. It will be a struggle to raise the child on your own, but this is the best thing to do. If he is abusive towards you, he will be the same way towards your child. Good luck!

  • Oh you poor thing.....I am so sorry for you! You sound like a nice person! Do not have contact with this male. Stay away from him, keep your baby. Raise this child with all the love you have to give! He will hurt you over and over.....If it is possible try to move a good distance away from him. I am sorry for you...but we all make choices about love and most of us make mistakes concerning love. That does'nt make us just means we have let our wishfulness, our wants and desire's over rule our mind. Let us show mercy here. Captain is saying....HE WILL NOT CHANGE and no child or act on your part will Change that...including a child. You will more than likely put the child in danger as well as yourself ( as you already know ), and that will be criminal on your part because you knew ( know) his character and his abusiveness So stay away from him. You know this deep down, do not make the mistake of thinking he will change.

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