Worried Sick..May I have a reading, please?

  • My beloved husband is currently serving some time in a minimum security prison. I have not spoken to him nor seen him in 3 weeks. Prior to this, he called almost every day and I drove 150 miles each weekend to visit him. I did receive a call from a counselor at the prison, who told me that he was "alive and fine", after a brief stay in hospital for a cardiac related issue. He had a quad-bypass back in 1993, so I am well aware of his heart condition. I have called trying to get info, but get nothing but voice-mails.

    Will someone give me a reading or maybe some insight on this, Please?

    I am worried sick about this.

    Brightest blessings and Thanks,


  • I am getting a lot of depression off of your husband - his heart is really not into his situation at the moment. He's not suicidal but he doesn't see much worth living for and is finding his confinement very hard to bear. If you speak with him or visit him, try to help him see that being in jail will eventually end and that he should be planning for the future when he gets out, and not dwelling on a miserable present situation. There must be things he can do in there, like education, reading, exercise etc. - ways that he can focus on to pass the time.

  • Captain,

    Thank you so very much for responding, I too sense depression or something seriously wrong. I have been very "out of sorts" for the past 3 weeks, I have some empathic ability. You are absolutely correct when you say that he finds confinement hard to bear, he's not the kind of guy who handles it well. He was learning how to draw and was excercising daily by walking 3 miles around the dirt track even losing 35lbs. He was trying to make the best of things, but something happened and I do not know what.

    The counselor who called me said that my husband had tried to call me several times, but no one was home. That is a blatant lie, nothing on the caller ID.

    I really fear for his health and safety. Again, Thanks for the response, you always take the time to help those in need.


  • Does he have very long to go on his sentence?

  • Captain,

    Three more years. All I can do is pray that he getsearly parole because he is a non-violent offender.

  • Yes, make sure you emphasise to him how he can shorten his sentence. I feel his depression will pass as his health improves.

  • I finally found out where he is. I sent him a card and letter reassuring him that he has not been forgotten and how much I love him. We have been together 26yrs.

    I still fear for his safety, he was attacked and beaten by three guys over nothing more than a power struggle. You cannot go to the folks in charge and say who did it, because then you are labeled a rat. All I can do on my end is pray for him.

  • Believe it or not, he will toughen up as his health improves. He must put all his focus on getting fitter so the other inmates don't think he is a wimp.

  • I would love it if he would put on a some muscle. The only exercise he got when he was at home was picking up the remote or his cell phone. Typical couch potato. LOL

    The unwritten rules are that the old guys,those over 50 are off limits. Unfortunately, the young kids don't follow the rules, they do what they want. They don't care about anyone but themselves.

    A person with a medical condition is easy prey.

    Thank you so much for responding, it actually has made me feel a bit more a ease.

    Brighest Blessings, Kath

  • You're welcome. 🙂

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