Help with a reading, death of a loved one?

  • The last two readings I recieved mention the death of a loved one or relative in the near future. Obviously, I'm hoping this isnt true. Can any readers/psychics help me with this and ease my fears? I much appreciate it.

  • Yes, someone you know may pass over soon but all you can do about it is stay strong and not hide your head in the sand. Everyone dies one day or the other. You can't control it anymore than anyone else can. It's better however to be prepared than for it to come out of the blue, surely?

    I don't know why everyone gets so upset about death. It's just like someone moves to another country. You can't see them (but you can get messages) but you know it's beautiful and sunny there and that they are very happy and out of pain. And you will eventually join them there too, so no one is apart for long from their loved ones.

  • Thanks Captain. I appreciate your honesty though it may not be what I want to hear.

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