Is it love or just a great new friendship?

  • I am wondering if anyone would like to give me some insight on a lady I recently met.

    I am a Leo, and she is an Aries, if you're into that sort of thing. 😃

    Not sure if this is something that will develop into a romance, or is this supposed to be a great friendship?

    Looking forward to your help!


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  • hi Watergirl!

    How have you been?!

    Thank you so much! That is a great set of readings, and they both make sense.

    She did just get out of a relationship, and has been very broken hearted over it since she and I started hanging out. One of the reasons I haven't seen this out clearly (that and the fact we've been cramming for exams over the past three weeks!).

    She is a little younger than me, and very different from me in a lot of ways. She and I have different philosophies, but they are parallel, and that is something I think will be a very good balance.

    Many, many thanks!


  • PS - There is a lot of reinforcing cards between the two readings!

    2 of wands and the Fool

    Temperance and Two of Cups...

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  • Hey hey!

    That is what I plan on doing. If it happens, it happens. If it doesn't, that's ok too. I can never have to many good friends, ya know?

    Thanks again!

  • Dear Silateer

    You were kind enough to do a reading for me a few months ago ,so Im giving it a shot as an amateur tarot card reader(Marseilles)!

    In the present i get the High Priestess but in the future I get the moon.I usually like the moon card but it was a bit disturbing today.You are both going to feel uncertain about your path together,in the future,even though you will continue along it,with a bit of struggle(10 wands).Perhaps she is or will feel a bit guilty about being w you ...not sure.You like the element of mystery about her and also what you are learning about yourself and how you are growing through this relationship.She likes you because she sees in you an older,more conventional advisor figure(Hierophant). Both of you seem to share an interest in spirituality.You see also with her,a chance for a long term commitment,home,a stable future .What works for both of you is a strong attraction and having a good time together.You pulled 9 cups here which is a sensual wish fulfilment card as i read it.But are you or will you be sure ,thats what you really want?What blocks this relationship is caring too much about what people think.

    I am sure you will be able to work around these issues.I wish you great happiness:)

    Love and Light

  • Suramya,

    Thank you so much! This is an excellent reading and it makes a lot of sense too!

    Thank you again - This was very kind of you.


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