Another break in classes.

  • Hi everyone!

    I have missed you all during the past three months. Studying hard and getting closer to being able to serve the health needs of the masses!

    I wanted to do some readings while I was on break and traveling, but I left my cards at home. Perhaps I may buy another deck before I return.


    PS - Anyone wanting a reading let me know. When I get to some cards, I'll do a couple a day until classes start up again. Maybe Wed to Saturday?

  • Hi Silateer, last time i was too late to get your reading 😞 so if you have a little time I'd be grateful to have a general reading from you on what the nearest future (next three months) holds for me. (job, love (?) any obstacles to face) Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi Silateer, I have been having problems in my relationship for the past 2 years, I would love to know if you can give me any insight into this matter, and what may happen in the near future. Thank you for taking you time to help everyone.

  • Hello Silateer

    Thanks for your generous offer. As a college student myself, I understand the time that classes can take!

    Over this entire past summer, I have been experiencing the "winds of change", so to speak, in the area of love. They blew strong enough to force me to confront things I've known for several years, but refused to really look at (ex: if I keep thinking it'll never change, it never will). But, now that I've really looked at it in the face, let the epiphanies happen, I came some serious realizations about my myself, my marriage, and what I want and need in my life. I am really in some need of some guidance on the next steps to take, what's coming up on the horizon for me, and any obstacles, etc.?

    Thanks again.

  • Hi all!

    Good to see some familiar names here, and some new ones too!

    I am far, far from home until Tuesday night. I will read for you once I get back to my cards.

    Talk to you all then!


  • Hi Silateer welcome back. I am interested in a reading. I am just starting a relationship with someone I wanted to see what can you tell me about this relationship. Can you see it lasting? Anything you can tell me would be great. My initials are CMM his are AQ my dob is 5/17/1987 and his dob is 8/30/1983. Thank you in advance

  • Sillateer thanks for the offer:)

    Things are starting to really move fast for me. I have to move in two months; due to a family member announced that she is getting married in October.

    I need some insight as to what changes (Good and Bad) I have to look forward to; for the month of October. I would like for you to see if I will have difficulty with finding another job and finding a place to move?

    Thanks In Advance 🙂

  • Hi all -

    This is now a closed thread! (In other words, I will do the people who responded before this post).

    Ok - Everyone, I just got home and unpacked. I'll read asap for you all!


  • Moonlisa -

    I had a a good reading for you. There is luck and prosperous times ahead. I am seeing that you will need to work very hard, keeping your nose to the grind stone to avoid an unforeseen troubles.

    Wheel of Fortune

    8 of Pentacles

    8 of Swords


    Let me know if this makes sense - I may need to a better question from you. I'll be glad to read with some more info from you.

  • Dmick!

    How are you?

    Just a general reading for you and your future my friend.

    The rev Hierophant says something to me about you enjoying society. Being a part of the in-crowd, or getting to be apart of social gatherings. Queen of Cups - Happiness, and pleasure, and leading to the 2 of Cups. Looks like love in your future. Maybe meeting someone at a party in the near future - Perhaps your soul mate!

  • Heathen Child,

    I did a little past present future, 3 card reading for you.

    Page of Pentacles is the past - This is a the card of the student.

    10 of Pentacles is next, and this is a card about money, and family and home.

    7 of Swords is next. This card is about taking what you can and leaving. This is also a card that says failed plans are in action.

    So I did another 2 cards. (Because when I did your reading the first time I didn't cut the deck and reshuffled and dealt. It was the same three cards, except the 2 and 3 were switched).

    So the reversed Page of Wands & 3 of Cups... The end of troubles and achievement are the meanings of these two cards.

    I hope this helps!


  • I'll finish the rest later folks - Been a long day of traveling.

  • Thank you Silateer for your time. I have been trying to accept the fact that somebody is no longer part of my life and i know that this hard time will still last for some time before he disappears from my mind and heart. The cards you drew for me could suggest that during the oncoming months i will especially concentrate on work, which in consequence may bear fruit (the prosperous time you talked about). Am i right? To tell you the truth the third card (eight of swords) worries me a bit. It doesn't look very positive, does it? is my anxiety justified? Some time ago another man appeared in my life but he is more like a very good friend to me. i'd be curious to know how our relation will evolve. Can you tell me what the cards say about this aspect of my life, any prospects of having the significant other in my future? When/if you have a moment, please shed some light. Once again thank you very much.

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  • dmp28748

    VIII of Pentacles III of Cups

    X of Pentacles (Rev) King of Pentacles Page of Pentacles (Rev)

    VIII of Swords (rev) Queen of Pentacles

    Card 1: Querent's past

    Card 2:Other's past

    Card 3:Querent's present

    Card 4:Other's present

    Card 5:Querent's future

    Card 6:Other's future

    Card 7:The Bridge Between the Two

    Ok - First we'll look at you in the relationship. The 8 of pentacles says you have been working hard on this relationship in the past. While the 10 says to me you are having trouble finding convention or there has been a lot of constant change in your relationship - Good times are good and bad times are bad? The 8 of Swords in this position is telling me there will be trouble in clarity and purpose, but usually meaning a sense of being trapped, I think the reversed position may mean a chance at freedom after a long, hurtful "captivity".

    Ok on to your partner. Their past is marked with joy and celebration, the 3 of cups. The Page of Pentacles, the present, says there might be a lot of spending on their part, and living the high life when they price isn't in the budget. The future, the Queen of Pentacles - Warmth, happiness and security. This is the Earth Mother, so to speak. And moving from Page to Queen from present to future could just mean a certain time to mature may be needed.

    The bridge that binds you both together is the King of Pentacles. This says to keep your commitments. You two are stable together. And you both know that you will get more back, the more you put into the relationship.


  • TaurusBaby!

    Here are your cards!

    Card 1: Querent's past: 8 of wands

    Card 2:Other's past: Temperance (rev)

    Card 3:Querent's present: 6 of wands (rev)

    Card 4:Other's present The Hierophant

    Card 5:Querent's future: Page of Wands (rev)

    Card 6:Other's future: Ace of wands (rev)

    Card 7:The Bridge Between the Two: The Page of Cups (rev)

    Wow - That's a lot of Wands! Fire energy all the way for you!

    So your past has been a struggle. But you seem to be fighting the good-fight! You have been courageous. But currently you feel overwhelmed or afraid of things in this new relationship. This apprehension will eventually lead to instability in the relationship int he future.

    His cards, He has been playing things safe in the past. But now he is feeling like he is part of something. The Hierophant means a lot of things, from marriage to servitude. It shows he is in a good place right now! The Ace, for his future means a good future in regards to wealth.

    Why you two are together is the Page of Cups. You are both smart, and contain a lot of taste. These seem to be what attaches you together.










  • Thank you so much silateer that helped me out a lot for the insight of this relationship.

  • Thanks Silateer!

    I'm understanding that this does mean that leaving is the right path in order for me to continue to grow & evolve, and turn my life around to what it needs to be & I want it to be (the Karmic balance of Saturn in Libra as it passed my birth Libra and Saturn is what smacked me in the back of the head). The day I posted my question, that day I had wrote out completely just what it is I want and need in a man - like placing an order with the universe. But, what I wish with all my might is that it's the Gemini from my past that I've got my heart set on.


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