• I've been dating this guy off & on for about a year. We were never exclusive, we dated other people in between. Lately, we started seeing eachother more. I decided to open up to him, & tell him how I felt about him, saying I would like to date him exclusively. Then he tells me he always wanted to date me exclusively, but wasn't sure how I felt about him, thats why he had never said anything before.. I really want to believe him, but how can I tell if he really is being HONEST w/ me or if he is just saying this because I opened up first to him?

    Please I need some adivice!

  • What would he gain to lie about this? That's all I would ask myself.

    I think he's being honest with you, and you're doubting yourself now. What are you really afraid of?

  • According to all I read, Men are very simple and dont have time to come up w stuff the way womens minds do. Hes most likely being totaly straight up .

  • Thanks for the comments. I think I will just be more trusting..I guess my ex really made me doubt alot of things in men, but that's another issue. I will just go forward with it, and see what happens..

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