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  • Hello, I've been increadibly intuitive my whole life and because nobody, myself included; understood the phenominon when I was real young, I was forced to keep what I intuitively learned about people to myself... afraid of an exercism or straight jacket. The biggest problem is that I believe that deciept and manipulation are both forms of disrespect an I can usually tell by the tone of a persons voice or sight of their physical demeanor that they are lieing. Unfortunately, It seems that societies gender training literally instructs women to use deceipt and manipulation as a means to an end. Most will claim to want a man that is honest and doesn't play games, yet they seem to play games right from the beginning. I can't seem to find a women that agrees with my idea or concept of respect. I'm a male born 6/4/73 in Mpls., MN at 3:51am. Any advice people?

  • Well, you can't find one because you have convinced yourself that they don't exist. What we believe happens!

    But there are women who are honest and don't play games. If you really want to meet one - are you sure you are actually prepared for brutal honesty? - then you had better believe they exist and then you will attract them.

    I'm just wondering what your level of honesty is however. Would you want someone to tell you that they find you repulsive and unlovable or would you want the person to tone it down and just say something like they themselves had the problem and not you? Do you never tell white lies yourself? If you expect it from others, you must also do the same. Be careful what you wish for.

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