This Gemini is confusing me..... HELP !

  • I can't eat. I can't sleep. Alls I do is cry. I met this guy ( Gemini) on online dating . I was on the phone for 15 hours. Talking about everything. He lost his mom to cancer. I lost my mom to cancer. He was with a girl that broke his heart. Same here. We are both adopted. We enjoy the same food,entertainment,music etc etc. At first I was turned off by him. Just because I thought how can a guy have so much in common with me ? I felt like he was a player.He kept telling me . I'm not an asshole. Open up. Trust me. This is when the confusing part begins..... I tested him. I touch his private area. And he pushed me away. He told me I want to take things slow. I told him I wasn't ready for a BIG relationship. I wanted to date around. So we left it at that. I was over at his house. And he blurted out that I was his girlfriend. I thought weird considering this was all news to me. So I smiled. That's the day shit changed. I fell hard.. We were making out. And I told him I love you. He said it back. I felt nothing like this before. I'm an Aries. And VERY aggressive. For once I felt relax. One night I was joking with him. I called him a name ( that;s what we did before) and of a sudden shit hit the fan. I don't want to be with you anymore. I started crying. I'm like sorry. I made a mistake. After I cried and he set there looking down. I said take me home. I like you and your hurting me. He then said ( Please don;t leave me). So I stayed the night. I was kinda of crazy that night. For some reason I wanted to have sex with him. I got mad when he didn't want it. So I ended up saying take me home. When we got to my place he said . I don't want to have sex with you because IM NOT OVER MY EX. He told me that she cheated but she new everything about him. He hasn't seen her in Years. So what's the deal ? All's they ever did was argue he said. And she's happy with someone else. So I again started crying ( as usual). He seemed not to care. So I got out of the car. Later that day he stop by. I ask let's talk. So he talk to me about his ex. And I told him you need counseling to get over her. He said I know. We made the decision to be just friends. But when I acted like a friend. He never pick up the phone. How can I go about this problem. I'm the one in pain. While he's out having fun. I'm the one trying to figure out Why. When he has the answers. I need to know the truth. That's how it is for me. I've called him told him I want to be with him. Every call he ignores. He was the one that wanted a relationshp. When I did't. So why now is he changing his mind ? HELP !


  • Hi"Crazybeautiful" wow, trust me when i say dont worry about it too much, when you trying to fugure them too much they simply drive you crazy. Try to hear what his saying, his not over his ex and somehow he most be freaked out to have so many things in commun with you. he need space just give him some and try to act cool.

    i know the situation about the confusion and the no reply to calls and txt, i dont know why they do this but just try to keep yourself busy and give him space.

    Some men simply confuse you and they seen to be Gemini. They also seem to be sensitive creature

    i m pretty sure they most confuse themself more then you get confused by them.

    try to take it easy and dont let yourself be drag in his rollercoaster mind.

    you know you need to take it easy so you need to be the one that drive the car, if you let him drive it you are going to crash more then once

    dont worry too much about what is saying, his maybe testing you out too

    take it easy.

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