Wolf/Dogs and Cat Images

  • Back in 2001 I encountered a hand-made twisted-wood structure resembling some sort of stand that I found out was made by a Great-Great Uncle dating back to the years of the early 1900's. Upon examining it very closely which seemed to draw me to it, I saw what appeared to be many images of wolves or dog-like faces all throughout this structure. At first count, there were 15 and now I count over 40! I see these images in my steamy bathroom mirror, on walls, on rocks. Just a few days ago, a fgriend gave me an old photograph of himself which I stuck it in my back pocket of my jeans. When I pulled it out to show it to my Mom, the image was distorted and now was replaced with white cats and dogs very visible! What I am thinking is that this is some kind of message and I;m chosen the one to relay this information....the wolf/dog images were very apparent during the time that the Mexican "Lobos" survival became a concern because of extinction. Everytime I tried to get it out to the media, my computer died or something else went terribly wrong. Stray cats are coming to me for food, more than usual. The goats that belong to my neighbors suddenly get my attention when they are caught up in the fence no matter what time it is, here I go to free them. Am I the only one heaaring these animals in distress or does everyone else just ignore them? I have a significant history in experiencing phenomena's since I was 10 years old. Have defied death many times, events that others can only imagine. My list goes on and on. I have witnesses to account for everything........I want to share short movie clips with the public, but worried that others might think negatively and not sure what they may do. So I've jsut kept everything bottled up and only tell a select few, and only minimal conversation. At first they do not believe me, but after they see proof, they become distant. I figured that this would be a good place to aire. The pics that you will see are of my, what I call "The Stand of The Wolves"....no edits here, this is for real!

  • My answer is don't know. Might want to go to the address bar and ask what images mean. I kept seeing owls everywhere at one time. Went online and found out that the owl was a symbol used signifying Christ long,long ago. I'll search and see what I come up with.

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