Do you believe in ghosts?

  • Do you think that there are spirits of those that have passed away who still are here on earth? Are these spirits that haven't "passed on" or won't accept their death? Can they be evil? Just wondering what others thoughts are...

  • Dear Sky4angels,

    Yes, most certainly there are spirits here that should have passed when it was their time, but for some reason(their own) are stuck here on the earth plane. Some may have died so fast they do not relize that they are deceased. Evil spirits are usually ones that were very angry at death and are here still looking for revenge so to speak, they need ghosts whisperer's to help them to cross over. I lived in a haunted dwelling and knew it the first week we were there. The spirit did no harm just let you know it was there, by closing my walk-in closet door when I would go in that closet, or in the second bedroom where the computer was, I would feel a presence and hear a crackling noise which they use to let you know they are there. My cats would not go into the bedroom unless I was in there. Cabinets would be opened. I was not afraid of it , just went on with my life and would put some sea salt down to keep it at bay from time to time, also burn sage to clear negative from the dwelling. I would say it was imprinted in that building from long ago. I did no research, just a feeling.

  • i agree, i do believe in spirits... i do not call them ghosts... i had experiences with bad spirits along with good spirits... and shuabby, i was a spirit a couple of times, and the angels above would not let me cross... it was an experience i will not ever forget in my life, it was back in 2000 to 2001... it went on for a year, after a surgery i had... i just couldnt get my strength back... they would come to me everyday and stay with me constantly till i was able to go on my own again... i was even in psych wards thinking i had schophrena and with meds and still no help... the spirits were there... and the few bad spirits well i got thrown down the stairs and everything... but i lived due to the good ones that were around... i went through so much... i guess that is why i believe in psychics so much and all... but thats my story... and it is the truth, i know it sounds so unbelieveable but it is true... and the part of not knowing you are dead, is so true... when i had outer body experiences i never realized i was dead... because no one was there at first, it wasnt till they brought me back to my body, and i woke up and then months later i finally started to realize what was happening... but it was when i started getting my strength back in my body and it stopped dying on me... the angels told me they are going to let me cross, and no lye id have outer body experiences infront of people including my doctor... im not joking... i would come back through or to life with him checking my pulse rate on my wrist, and having the ambulance called on me... and when id get to the hospital id be totally fine, just really weak... strange but true... jaffeebella

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